Macon County Chronicle

1,000 Jobs for Macon County - Official Announcement Coming Soon

It’s the start of the new year of 2011 and some exciting job creation is in the news for Macon County. The Macon County Chronicle has information that 1,000 jobs are coming to Macon County with the official announcement coming soon.

According to a spokesperson for a consulting firm based out west, “1,000 jobs are coming to Macon County that are non factory related.” The new jobs are going to be based in eastern Macon County and plans are on target for 2011.

It has been confirmed that John Cook of Red Boiling Springs has been selected as the facilitator of the new project for Macon County that will bring the new jobs. Mr. Cook was the project manager of Tennessee for Nestle’ and was also the lead facilitator for that project for the new bottled water company in Macon County back in the early 2000s.

Mr. Cook stated, “A few more details need to be finalized before the official announcement of the new 1,000 jobs to Macon County can be announced.” Mr. Cook went on to say that “he has recruited Brittney King of Red Boiling Springs to volunteer in the initial stages of employment data base research and other areas.” Also, a Facebook page will be started on January 24th to allow interested parties to become “friends” and to learn about the project and to add comments. The Facebook page will be under the name of John Cook, and will feature a photo of Brittney King, a single mom. “Brittney knows how much new job opportunities are needed in the county for her and others like her who have faced the many economic challenges brought on by the sluggish economy and slow recovery”, said Cook.

Research by the Macon County Chronicle concerning this project concludes that the advanced technology that has been brought to the county is what is making this project possible.