Macon County Chronicle

Two Arrested for Roles in 10 Auto Thefts

Officers of the Macon County Sheriff’s Department arrested 34-year-old Paul Lee Ramsey, of Westmoreland, and 55-year-old Douglas Eugene Thompson, of Lafayette, on Wednesday, February 22nd, for their involvement in the thefts of at least ten vehicles in and around Macon County.

According to the detective’s incident report, the thefts occurred from December 2010 through January 2011, and include a Lincoln Town Car stolen from the Draper Town Church, a 1970’s Nova car body stolen on Jimtown Rd., a Dodge Dakota stolen from an auto repair shop on Howell Rd., a Jeep stolen on Carter Branch Rd., and a Chevy Pickup Truck stolen on Carter Branch Rd.

Authorities received their big break in the case when they were given information that a black, nylon gym bag, reported to be inside the Lincoln Town Car stolen from the Draper Town Church parking lot, was discovered in possession of a Macon County High School student.

Through their investigation, officers learned that the student’s father, Paul Ramsey, was an associate of Paul Thompson’s, and after interviewing Ramsey, learned that the two men were working together to steal various cars and trucks.

After being advised of his rights, Ramsey reportedly confessed to Macon County Sheriff’s Department Detectives Darrell Taylor and Matt Looper that the duo had scouted out, and then stolen, over ten vehicles and then sold them to various salvage yards for scrap.

The incident report states that the men loaded up the Lincoln Town Car stolen from Draper Town Church onto a trailer and took it to Tuttle’s Auto Salvage, in Westmoreland, where it was crushed and sold for scrap. Other scrap yards the men frequented were Macon Recycling & Salvage and Likens Salvage Yard.

Ramsey confessed to stealing ten vehicles and stated that Thompson would help him scout them out, and then assist in loading the vehicles or looking out for police.

Both men were charged with theft over $1,000 and are scheduled to appear in General Sessions Court on February 23, 2011.