Macon County Chronicle

Dogs in Need of Homes...

Rocky - I am looking for a family that will offer me love and a secure home to live in. I am a good dog. I don’t chew or get into things. As a matter of fact, I don’t bother anything or anyone. I love TV and listening to the radio. Would you please give me a home, because I only have until Friday, February 11th to live. Please call 423-278-4622 or 655-3764.

Sampson (cocker spaniel mix) is very playful and at the same time can turn to be a lap dog. He is grateful for what you do for him. His put down date is Friday, February 11th, so please call 423-278-4622 or 655-3764 if you are interested. Help us save this dog.

Beagle Mix - No one has come to get me. I am very loving, kind and I don’t get anything. If you know of someone that might want me, please help me out. I don’t have much longer left so please don’t forget me. I am mostly beagle, I only weigh 20 lbs. I won’t get any bigger. Please call 423-278-4622 or 655-3764 and save this young dog’s life.

Sam (Boxer mix) is in need of a home. He’s worried that his life will end soon. He’s loving, has a lot to offer to the right family who wants to make him a member of their home. He is very attentive, gentle and loves to be rubbed on. Sam weighs about 45 to 48 pounds. He is full grown. Please help us save Sam, call 423-278-4622 or 655-3764.

One year old female Labrador Retriever mix, absolutely wonderful and grateful dog, very gentle and loving. She deserves a forever home. Her put down date if Friday, February 11th. Please help us save her life. Call 423-278-4622 or 655-4622.

Bugsby - funny, playful and always ready to go. Makes you happy. He is small under 22 lbs. His put down date is Friday, February 11th. Please give this little fellow a home. Call 423-278-4622 or 655-3764.