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Police Arrest 46 Alleged Drug Dealers

Lafayette Police begin 50 person round upThe 15th Judicial Drug Task Force, in conjunction with the Lafayette Police Department, began making arrests on Tuesday, April 22, to round up 50 persons indicted for selling illegal drugs to undercover officers in Macon County by the Grand Jury in February of this year.

According to Lafayette Police Chief Jerry Dallas, 46 of the 50 indicted have been arrested as of Monday, April 28, and the investigation to find the final four is ongoing.

The Lafayette Police Department was used as headquarters for what police have dubbed ‘Operation House Call.’
Once suspects were located, they were transported to the Lafayette Police Department to receive their indictment and then were immediately transported to the Macon County Jail.

“We want to deter people from selling drugs in Macon County,” Mike Thompson, Director of the 15th Judicial District Drugs and Violent Crimes task Force said Tuesday as he explained that the suspects were arrested for allegedly selling drugs to an undercover police officer. “The biggest portion of drugs being sold in Macon County are prescription pills and crystal meth,” Thompson said as he also explained that the selling of marijuana is on the rise again.

Operation House Call began at 8 a.m. on Tuesday morning and by 8 p.m., 24 suspects had been arrested.

“I believe this operation was extremely successful because everyone worked together and all of the suspects were apprehended without incident,” Thompson stated.

Officer Josh Smith, a newly hired patrol man with the Macon County Sheriff’s Department relayed his feelings of his first round-up.

“It has been a great experience for me and I love knowing that I am helping getting drug offenders off the street.”

Lafayette Police Chief Jerry Dallas also described the operation as a “great success” but says it’s just the 50 alleged drug dealers are just tip of the iceberg.

“This will continue to be an ongoing process,” he said. “This is definitely not the end of the drug war in Lafayette.”
Operation House Call was a joint effort between the 15th Judicial Drug Task Force and the Lafayette Police Department. Other departments who assisted in the round up included: TVA, TBI, Smith County, Macon County, Trousdale County, and the Tennessee Highway Patrol.