The block scheduling class system was approved for the 2011-2012 school year when the Macon County Board of Education convened on Thursday night, April 14th, for the regular session, with Chairman Jimmy Cook presiding. Member Steve Walton made the motion, which was seconded by John Wheeley, for both Macon County and Red Boiling Springs High Schools to switch from their current class systems to a straight block system, which carried with a roll call response. “There will be four approximately 90-minute instructional blocks per day,” Walton explained. “This system will allow for four classes first semester, and four classes second semester for a total of eight possible credits per year. Also each teacher at the high schools will be responsible for teaching 3 ½ blocks per day with no more than ½ block or approximately 45 minutes for a daily planning period. Any staff teaching less than 3 ½ blocks per day must have written approval by the director of school, who will present this information to the board in the next director’s report. The Director and Principals will be responsible for seeing that the ½ block of instructional time is well used. Some suggestions would be for team teaching of in house credit classes, supervision of online classes, time for time, or credit recovery.”

When Macon County High School Principal, Mrs. Stephanie Meador, asked to speak on the limit of 45 minutes, she stated that she understood the concerns with planning time. “I do understand,” Mrs. Meador said, “but just as I have been speaking with some teachers this week, we have new budget forms that our teachers have to fill out for all their budgets, and I really do wish you guys would come in school any given day and watch what the teachers are doing during their planning time.”

Chairman Cook replied, “Forty-five minutes is more than they use to have, you know that, and in some places you have to do it after school, elementary teachers do, I believe. I personally think 45 minutes is very generous.”

During the meeting, MCHS Lady Tiger Basketball Coach Jeff Beam asked to speak, as he addressed the crowd about the excellent performance of the team this year.

“We are very fortunate and thankful to have the season we had,” the Coach said with a proud look in his eyes, “and I realized a long time ago, you are only as good as the people you have around you. And I have an excellent assistant coach and an excellent administration. There were a lot of people in the community who were really behind us, which I didn’t even realize until we started into the season. I want to say this is a very small community that I have been a part of since I was five-years-old and there is a lot of folks in the crowd that have inspired people as well as inspiring me. It was a privilege to coach this basketball team, and I feel fortunate to be a part of Macon County basketball, which has been a tradition for years. It meant a lot to the community, with a lot of people helping out during the season. Even though we came up short, we still came home with the silver ball. I was certainly proud we brought it home because everyone had a hand in it. I appreciate everyone for all the support and I want to thank everyone who came out to the games.”

The consent agenda was approved and appearances were made by Linda Smith, Don Jones and Bobby Sircy, along with several science students. The Board also scheduled a work session for Thursday, April 21st and a special called meeting was set for Thursday, May 5th.

In other business:

The Board approved 200 day accountability report and K-12 mathematics textbooks. They accepted a bid for $12,000 from Wix Construction for concrete work on the RBS football stadium and a bid of 5% of the total bid price from Kaatz, Binkley, Jones and Morris for architects’ drawings. Authorization was granted to advertise for bids for a fence at Westside. They also approved the purchase of security cameras for the sports multipurpose building in the amount of $3,168.00 and they also agreed to purchase an engine for bus No. 320. Four policies were revised including 5.3051 bereavement leave; 5.1117 procedure for granting tenure; 1.502 board meeting news coverage; and 6.406 student psychological services. The board also voted to amend 10-11 SY General Purpose Budget, which carried by roll call.