Macon County Chronicle

K-9 Brassy Finds Suspects in Smith County Homicide

On Sunday morning, July 3rd, Police Chief Ray Amalfitano, received a call around 4 a.m. from the Smith County Sheriffs Department, requesting assistance from Lafayette’s K-9 unit and Swat Team due to a homicide that had just occurred. The two suspects who committed the crime had fled the scene and they needed help searching the house next door where the subjects were allegedly hiding.

“Due to the nature of the call I sent our K-9 Officer J.J. Ruiz and his dog Brassy, along with one of our swat team members, Lt. Kevin Woodard to Carthage,” Chief Amalfitano stated early Tuesday morning. “Once they arrived on the scene, they were able to join with a tactical team and Brassy led the group from room to room finding the two homicide suspects, which completed his job. The team then took the subjects into custody.”

“The TBI and the Smith County Sheriffs Department then took over the investigation,” the Chief continued, “and I am extremely proud of Sgt. J.J. Ruiz, K-9 Brassy and Lt. Kevin Woodard for their expertise. The Smith County Sheriffs Department and Chief of Detectives extended their gratitude for our help.”