Macon County Chronicle

TCAP Test Results Released for Macon County School District

The Tennessee Department of Education recently released the 2010-2011 Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP) testing results for each school district, measuring how each Tennessee school district performed in advancing student growth in all subject areas in grade levels three through eight. Overall in Macon County, students showed improvements in math, reading and science, but fell below the average of last year’s scores in social studies.

The Macon County School District showed a 3.009 percent overall increase in math scores, a .084 percent overall increase in reading scores and a 4.1 percent overall increase in science. Overall social studies scores, however, reflected a -2.088 percent growth from last year, with the sixth grade average taking the biggest dive at -8.614 percent. Macon County seventh grade students failed to surpass last year’s growth percentage in all subject areas. Eighth grade science scores showed the biggest improvement over last year’s average, increasing by 15.704 percent.

Below is the Macon County School System breakdown by grade level, showing the percentage of growth in TCAP subject areas from last year’s scores:

3rd Grade

Math: +6.414%

Reading: +1.486

Science: +1.558%

Social Studies: -2.212%

4th Grade

Math: +6.769%

Reading: -2.061%

Science: +2.504%

Social Studies: +0.287%

5th Grade:

Math: +3.66%

Reading: +2.621%

Science: -1.806%

Social Studies: +0.593%

6th Grade:

Math: -2.826%

Reading: +1.586%

Science: +7.285%

Social Studies: -8.614%

7th Grade:

Math: -4.186%

Reading: -2.418%

Science: -0.599%

Social Studies: -2.475%

8th Grade:

Math: +6.444%

Reading: -2.567%

Science: +15.704%

Social Studies: +0.04%


Results from each school in the Macon County School district will be announced as they become available. According to Director of Schools, Margaret Oldham, principals have already received school results but have a period of time available to them in which they can challenge them. The results will be released following that time period.

From there, Oldham says, she will meet with all principals to review TCAP results, discuss those reviews with the Board of Education and come up with a plan of action for each grade level.

Statewide, students improved on their TCAP tests, with math scores increasing by seven percent, reading scores going up by 3.7 percent, science increasing by 3.5 percent and social studies up by 1.4 percent.

“Tennessee educators deserve immense credit for their hard work this year in helping our students achieve marked improvements and success,” Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam said about the statewide TCAP averages. “We want to make Tennessee the No. 1 location in the Southeast for high quality jobs, and the cornerstone of that effort is a great education system. I’m very encouraged by these latest results, and we’re all committed to continuing to work together to improve the classroom experience for every student across the state.”