Macon County Chronicle

Two Arrested at Hwy 52 Yard Sale

Sarah Jones receives her jewelry backSarah Jones, a 2004 graduate of RBSHS and senior at Tennessee Tech University makes money to fund her education selling Premier Designs Jewelry.

Sarah was taking advantage of the numerous customers that would be driving throughout Macon County finding great bargains at the Hwy 52 yard sale this past weekend.  

Sarah had some personal items laid out on a wagon in front of her mother’s hair salon in Red Boiling Springs and her Premier Jewelry displayed on boards at her check out table.

“These two women and a very cute little girl with pig tales were looking at my clothes and jewelry. They kept asking me if I would come down on my prices,” Sarah said.

“The little girl kept coming over and playing with my dog, so most of my attention stayed on her, but the women were acting suspicious.”

“The women bought one pair of Capri pants, two belts, a change purse, a wallet, and two shirts and then left,” Sarah recalled.

“I was straightening up the jewelry as soon as they left, and I remember putting out the “Night Out” necklace and noticed it was missing. I then looked at my bracelets, which were all bunched up on the holder, and now were spread apart with big gaps between them. I began to look at my rings and now some of them were gone too.”

The two women had allegedly stolen one necklace, two rings, and two bracelets with a retail value of $150.00. Sarah went inside her mother’s beauty shop and told her mother, Frankie Jones that she had been robbed.

They walked over to the next yard sale beside them and Sarah asked them if they had anything missing because she had just been robbed. They said yes, some jewelry. Sarah called the police and gave the police a very good description of the women and the vehicle they were driving.

RBS Police Chief Terry Tuck arrived on the scene shortly after with a lot of jewelry for Sarah and the neighboring yard sale to identify.

“I was hoping to sell a lot of jewelry today,” Sarah chuckled as Chief Tuck showed her the jewelry that was found on one of the women, which was placed in the front pouch of her hooded sweater. “You mean sell some instead of get some stole,” Chief Tuck laughed.

All of Sarah’s items will be returned after the evidence has been processed.

Leslie Beth Strong and her mother-in-law Lori Ann Strong, both of 89 Seth Lane were arrested for theft of property by Chief Terry Tuck and were held on a $500 bond. A general sessions court date of 6/15/08 has been set for both women.