Macon County Chronicle

RBS Mourns Loss of Good Friend Burr Boyles

Several years ago two relatively young men moved their garment industry to Red Boiling Springs where they established a highly successful corporation, which had a positive economic impact upon this little hamlet. Jobs were available to those who wanted to work, and retail sales were flourishing. At lunch time, though there were three restaurants in town, it was difficult to find room to eat. This continued for years until Nafata stripped RBS and other rural towns of their factories.

The two men were Alfred Turner and partner and brother-in-law, Burr Boyles. Together working hard and having a top notch work force, Stitches INC became a major economic force in Red Boiling Springs. But on Monday, September 19, 2011, the life of our very colorful friend, “Burr” Boyles, as we preferred to call him, came to an end. “Burr” fought a very courageous battle against cancer, but death had to come and did.

“Burr” was a man of few words, but when he spoke it was best that those around him listen. When one went to him for help, and it was legitimate, he helped, not wanting any fanfare.

When John Cook, project manager for the Nestle Corporation, was purchasing realestate for Nestle, it was “Burr” and Alfred who were most helpful of all. I was a consultant for the Nestle Corporation in the purchasing of the necessary land for this project, and I know first hand the fairness of Stitches in the sale of their property.

Stitches wanted to help John complete the project and make sure Nestle would become a successful project in RBS, and like Stitches, it has become a major blessing, pouring thousands a year in taxes into the county treasury, as well as thousands of dollars each month into the city treasury. John praised “Burr” and Alfred highly for their help in the sale of their real estate to Nestle.

We will miss “Burr” but we’ll always remember his contribution to our community.