Macon County Chronicle

Trio Arrested in Trousdale County

Former triple murder suspect Charlie Harrison, age 30, Robert Dale Sanders, age 45, and Tara Bundren, age 33, all of Macon County, were arrested and charged with Aggravated Robbery last week, in Trousdale County, after they pulled a knife on Jason Jones, also of Lafayette, and stole prescription medication and cash, on Thompson Lane, in Hartsville.

According to Trousdale County Sheriff Ray Russell, the incident began in Lafayette on Wednesday, September 28th, when Bundren, of Main Street, called acquaintance Jason Jones and asked him for a ride to Hartsville. Upon arriving at her residence, the story unfolded, as Harrison and Sanders also requested a ride and all four took the short trip together.

“Once they arrived in Hartsville,” Sheriff Russell stated, “Jones dropped the trio off at the Food Land shopping area, while he reportedly went to a doctor’s office and then had a prescription filled.”

Apparently, after Jones picked the subjects back up and they headed toward Lafayette, someone asked him to turn down Thompson Lane just past the Vocational School. “Ms. Bundren then told the driver she had to use the bathroom,” the Sheriff explained, “and after pulling his vehicle over she grabbed her pocketbook, exited the car, and appeared to walked toward someone’s home.”

The driver admitted that sometime seemed strange and suddenly one of the guys pulled a knife on him demanding his medication and cash. Afraid the confrontation would escalate and they would attempt to take his vehicle, Jones stated that he stepped on the gas and took off, while his passengers began walking down the street. “Jones quickly notified the department,” stated the Sheriff, “and Trooper Danny Fisher and I drove to Lafayette to do a little investigating which turned out quiet profitable as we learned the subjects knew someone that lived on Thompson Lane.”

Sheriff Russell immediately contacted his officers and Detectives David Winnett and Chaney Wright obtained warrants after they had identified the three suspects and began surveillance on the Thompson Lane residence, along with the CERT Team (Community Emergency Response Team).

“Chief Deputy Waylon Cothron asked the subjects to come out with their hands up,” Sheriff Russell said, “but when they failed to respond, the CERT Team went in and took them down without an altercation. The three individuals were instantly placed under arrest with no resistance and nobody was hurt or injured during the incident. The CERT leader was Brad Basford and everyone at the scene did an outstanding job, with everything running smoothly under the circumstances.”
The three suspects, who appeared before Judge Kenny Linville on Friday, September 30th, were appointed attorneys, and the case has been set for October 28th. Bond was set at $250,000 for Charlie Harrison; $150,000 for Robert Dale Sanders; and $150,000 for Tara Bundren. They remain housed in the Trousdale County Jail.