Macon County Chronicle

Two Arrested in Drug Deal Gone Bad

Charges were filed last week in Macon County against a Lafayette teenager and a 23-year-old Trousdale County man after an alleged drug deal went bad in Hartsville.

According to Chief Ray Amalfitano, who was the first on the scene at the apartment complex just off the Public Square on Scottsville Road, a 911 call came in at 8:17 p.m. Tuesday night, October 4th from 402 Beverly Hills Drive, with a female subject stating that someone was trying to break in her apartment and she thought they had a gun.

“After dispatch advised that they had a gun,” Chief Amalfitano stated, “I eased my patrol car toward the apartment in the dark. I turned on the blue lights and blocked their vehicle after they attempted to leave and immediately called for backup. I got out of my cruiser and told the five male occupants of the Trousdale County vehicle to put their hands up where I could see them.”

“Officer ReJena Parker, Sgt. J.J. Ruiz, and Patrolman Shane Reid quickly arrived at the scene,” noted the Chief, “and we conducted a felony take down, locating a loaded gun in the car with a round in the chamber, which belonged to Curt McGowan of Hartsville.”

Chief Amalfitano then turned the investigation over to Sgt. Ruiz who conducted a canine search of another vehicle sitting beside the apartment, which belonged to 18-year-old Caleb Schroeter, with Brassy alerting the officers that synthetic drugs were present.

“All the parties gave conflicting stories,” stated Sgt. Ruiz, “and further investigation revealed that it was a drug deal that went bad in Trousdale County, after we separated everyone involved and questioned each person individually.”

“A large amount of marijuana was also found on the ground, but of course no one would claim ownership,” said Ruiz, “however I did make two arrests before the night was over.”

Curt Mitchell McGowan, of 59 Thompson Lane, Hartsville, Tenn., was charged with unlawful possession of a weapon on October 5th by Sgt. J.J. Ruiz.

Caleb Aaron Schroeter, of Beverly Hills Apartments, was charged with simple possession on October 5th, by Sgt. J.J. Ruiz with a General Sessions courtdate set for November 9th.

Pending further investigation, more arrests could be made in the near future. If you have any information concerning this case, please call the Lafayette Police Department, at 615-666-4725.