Macon County Chronicle

A Dream Comes True: Macon County WWII Veterans Book Published

About 70+ years ago, a young boy started collecting stories on soldiers that served in World War II. He would meet the bus coming into Red Boiling Springs, TN and as the soldiers got off, he would talk to them about their service to our county. Over the years, as he grew older, he would read books and then later watch movies on this war. He continued to gather stories about Macon County, TN veterans, as the years went on.

He started typing up the stories, in book form, for publication some day. As life would have it, he married, raised a family, worked for a living and his “dream” was put aside. After some time passed, he got out those veteran’s stories and started to interview more veterans, going to their homes, meeting them over a cup of coffee and conversations on the telephone. But again life made him put his “dream” aside. Years later, his daughters typed up the stories in book form, ready for publication. He laid them aside for some time again.


About 5 years ago he was approached by Teresa Harper Whittemore, president of the Macon County Historical Society. They spoke of the Society publishing the stories of these veterans. He told her he’d think about it and get back to her. After a few days, he called her and said, “Okay”. They met and she took with her 3 boxes of his “dream”. After some sorting of stories and matching of pictures, there were 595 stories. After a committee was formed and typing of these stories into a computer began, more names started coming in which was not on the list, so the Society began to gather more stories and pictures.


After compiling all the stories and pictures of the veterans of this war, there were over 1200 Macon County, TN service personal that served in World War II. Yes,  we have missed some and probably had some not Macon County, by mistake and for this we apologize.

On 11-11-11 from 2PM until 4PM at the National Guard Armory on Russell Drive, Lafayette, TN, we will honor these World War II Veterans, along with Mr. Doyle Gaines, as his “Dream” comes true.


Macon County Veterans of World War II book will be available for pick up if you ordered a copy the day of the ceremony. There will be a limited first edition of this book, if you would like a copy at the pre-publication price, please fill out the form below and mail along with payment to: Macon County Historical Society, WW II Book, PO Box 231, Lafayette, TN 37083. If you have any questions, please call 1-615-666-5882 or 1-615-688- 6247.