Macon County Chronicle

Two Men Arrested on Drug Charges After Exiting Walmart

Patrolman Shane Reed and Sgt. Jeff Tucker, of the Lafayette Police Department, were called to Walmart on Tuesday night, November 15th, where someone had reported to security personnel that two men seemed to be involved in shoplifting and other suspicious activity, which led to their arrest on drug charges after they exited the store. According to Patrolman Reed they were notified around 9:30 p.m. that night by Walmart security that someone had witnessed 36-year-old Christopher Wayne Stafford, of Lafayette, sticking a bottle of Draino in his pants and 50-year-old Robert Jeff Sircy, of Difficult, buying lithuium batteries, both products known as precursors in the manufacture of methamphetamine. Once at the scene, the officers went inside where security identified the people in question and they decided to wait outside for them to leave the store.

“When they came out we approached them in the parking lot,” stated Reed “and we saw a bulge sticking out of Stafford’s waistline, which proved to be a bottle of Draino. We then asked if we could search the black 1989 Lincoln Town Car they were traveling in and we found two packages of cold medicine, which contained sudafed, along with 2 bottles of Smart Water, also both common in manufacturing the deadly drug.”

“At that time we had enough information to arrest both men for promotion of methamphetamine manufacture,” continued Reed, “and Mr. Sircy stated to me that Mr. Stafford had asked him to buy the batteries. We also found Schedule III and Schedule IV drugs on Stafford when we searched him.”

The officers placed the suspects under arrest and transported them to the Macon County Jail where Sircy was charged with promotion of methamphetamine manufacture and Stafford was charged with promotion of methamphetamine, driving on a suspended license, possession of a Schedule III Drug and a Schedule IV Drug. Bond was set at $25,000 each and a General Sessions Court date is scheduled for both men on December 14th. The vehicle, which belonged to Stafford’s parents, was towed.

“This was a joint effort between Walmart and the Lafayette Police Department,” commented Chief Ray Amalfitano, “to put a stop to this meth problem here in our county. We are going to start getting harder and harder on anyone who is using or selling drugs here in our city. I am extremely proud of my officers and our good hard working citizens for coming together to bring these people to justice.”