Macon County Chronicle

Emergency Responders Participate in Hospital Disaster Drill

Hospital disaster drills have taken on increased importance at every level and conducting different scenarios in conjunction with emergency responders and law enforcement can help identify problems that could potentially disrupt disaster plans.

“Macon County General Hospital is required to have two disaster drills a year,” explained 911 Director Steve Jones, “so on Monday, December 12th, we had all local emergency services to coordinate together to execute a drill involving two scenarios, including a car accident and a radiator explosion.”

“The two car crash in the vicinity of the Senior Center, resulted in six injuries and the explosion near City Hall left two people with injuries, one serious and one minor.”

All victims were transported by the EMS, who implemented their disaster protocol by contacting surrounding agencies for assistance if needed.

“Macon County General Hospital also immediately implemented their protocol to comply with their required disaster training,” Jones continued. “These drills tested the facility’s readiness to respond to a sudden demand for services resulting from a community-wide disaster.”

“All agencies can go back and look at the documentation and critique the two incidents to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and make changes where required to provide the best care possible for citizens in the event of a real emergency.”

“Everyone quickly responded and did an excellent job. These drills are a critical step in life or death situations, and I want to thank everyone that participated, for their hard work.”