Macon County Chronicle

Dogs Found in Abandoned Home; Sheriff's Dept. in Search of Richard Burt III

Sheriff Mark Gammons and his officers are looking for a Macon County man, who once resided at 4031 Green Grove Road (Hwy. 141), where three dogs were found inside an abandoned double-wide mobile home. The circumstances of this situation were heartbreaking and Richard Burt III, needs to be brought to justice, once he is found.

When will enough be enough, folks! I want everyone to read this story over the holiday season, and just image how these animals must have suffered.

“We received a call last week from a gentleman who had the property at 4031 Green Grove Road under foreclosure for a loan company,” Sheriff Gammons stated over the holidays. “He advised us that an awful odor was coming from the modular home and that he had been unable to locate Richard Burt III while at the location.”
The man had detected the terrible smell and was afraid something had happened to Mr. Burt in the home and he reported to the department that he saw a dog through a window that appeared to be in poor health.

Gammons, Sgt. Brawner and Detective Griggs went to the residence to see if they could gain entrance. “Due to the strong smell, feces, filth, and unsanitary conditions,” stated the Sheriff, “we ask for the Lafayette Fire Department to assist with breathing apparatus.”

After entering the home, the authorities discovered Burt wasn’t inside, however, three dogs were found in very serious condition, living in inhumane conditions among old cans and bottles, empty containers and sacks, with filth and feces ankle deep covering the floors. The home had no electricity.

“The home was totally destroyed,” Gammons noted, “and at this time we are looking for Richard Burt III, who will be formerly charged for the inhumane conditions these animals were living in.”

“We have no idea how long these dogs were forced to live like this and after checking with Tri County, we found out this home has had no electricity since 2009.”

“We do feel Mr. Burt or someone has been coming to this home to bring some food to the dogs, but they were in such a bad state they had to be put to sleep.”

“This is one of the worst home conditions I have ever seen,” the sheriff added, “and no animal deserves to live in this type of environment.”

The Lafayette and Macon County Animal Control were also called to the scene, to assist in removing the animals from the home.

The Macon County Sheriffs Department is asking for help in their search for Richard Burt III and anyone with information about his whereabouts is asked to call 615-666-3325.

Since becoming involved in animal welfare in recent years, few moments in time have given me and fellow advocates much reason to hope. But I am praying through increased media coverage and folks working together to send the message, that a humane society will be organized to protect dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, etc., here in our county. Compassion should be the rule in Macon County and each and every one of us has a mission to protect the animals that God has given us. No matter what is going on, we must never give up.

Let’s join the kindness revolution. People all over the world are doing good things for animals. With community volunteers we could do anything. Think about it folks!!!