Macon County Chronicle

Officers Rescue Man from Apartment Fire

A Sycamore Street apartment caught fire early Friday morning, January 20th, and Officers Justin Adams and Danny Meador, of the Lafayette Police Department, along with Deputy Ron Smith, of the Macon County Sheriffs Department, rescued a man who had apparently left a stovetop burner unattended.

The 2:22 a.m. fire call was answered by twelve members of the Lafayette Fire Department, who credit the officers’quick thinking and regard for the life of another human being, in saving Robert Campbell who had burns over 40 percent of his body.

“These officers went above and beyond the call of duty,” said Lafayette Fire Chief Keith Scruggs, “and they virtually saved eight apartment units, along with the lives of other residents at the complex.”

The first to arrive at the scene, the police officers entered the burning apartment with no breathing apparatus and pulled Campbell outside, using a fire extinguisher to put out most of the fire. The victim had breathed the super heated air, which also scorched his lungs and esophagus, and he was flown to Vanderbilt Medical Center by Air Evac for treatment. When contacted on Monday morning, Ashley Culver, a Vanderbilt spokesperson, stated that Campbell is still listed in critical condition.

The firefighters removed the smoke from Campbell’s residence and checked the other apartments for any sign of fire.

Lafayette Chief of Police Ray Amalfitano added, “The heat and smoke was very intense, and these courageous officers entered the apartment with nothing more than a small fire extinguisher. They sacrificed their own safety to pull a man from the fire, who couldn’t have lasted much longer inside.”

“Officers Adams and Meador are very well trained and disciplined,” the Chief said, “and they serve their community well. These officers certainly did go above and beyond the call of duty, and I want to commend them for a job well done.”

First responders were the Lafayette Police Department, Macon County Sheriffs Department, Lafayette Fire Department, ambulance service, and the Macon County Chronicle.