Macon County Chronicle

Sheriff's Dept. Arrests Richard Burt for Animal Cruelty

In what some may consider to be a small victory for man’s best friend, officers from the Macon County Sheriff’s Department were able to locate and arrest 44-year-old Richard Davis Burt III last week, on the charge of animal cruelty for his role in the unsanitary living conditions and unhealthy state of three dogs discovered in an abandoned trailer owned by Burt. 

Chronicle readers may recall the story, and certainly the photos, of the living conditions inside the residence located at 4031 Green Grove Road, where officers had to use breathing apparatuses to enter the home due to the strong smell. The dogs were found to be living in inhumane conditions amongst ankle-deep trash, filth and feces.

The evidence at the scene suggested someone had been providing food and water for the dogs, but due to their state of health, all three dogs were euthanized. 

While officers do not know the exact length of time the dogs lived in these conditions, they do know that the home had been without electricity since 2009. 

Detective Troy Griggs located Mr. Burt working in Portland, where officers expect he has been spending most of his time. He was transported to the Macon County Jail and held on $6,000 bond.

“After being questioned, Mr. Burt was asked why he hadn’t been taking care of his dogs,” remarked Macon County Sheriff Mark Gammons. “He replied saying, ‘I know. I should’ve done better,’ and had no further comment.”

Mr. Burt is scheduled to appear in General Sessions Court on January 25, 2012.