Macon County Chronicle

Macon Juvenile Arrested After Rampage

A Lafayette juvenile knocked down some mailboxes at the Beverly Hills Apartments, after stealing a Dodge pickup in the parking lot early last Thursday morning. (Photo by D. Gregory)A Macon County juvenile, who led police on a high speed chase Thursday, February 16th,  was charged with multiple offenses during a special hearing arranged by the DA, after being apprehended at 5:53 a.m. that morning.

Chief Ray Amalfitano said the teenager had previously been in trouble, before he went on a rampage last Wednesday night which began around 9:00 p.m. when a resident on Price Circle reported that someone was lurking in their yard with a white cap and gun.

“He was lurking around looking for a car to steal,” said the chief,  “but the Price Circle homeowner saw him and immediately contacted the Lafayette Police Department.”

The male suspect left Price Circle, and sometime later on that night he stole a Nissan Maxima on Baker Drive, which he ditched and was later recovered on Chitwood Drive.

“The male subject was under the influence of alcohol and drugs,” Amalfitano said, “and from there he stole an Oldsmobile Alero, which was found on Miller Road. He then stole a red Dodge pickup while still on Miller Road and it was recovered at the Freeman & Cherry Street intersection.”

According to the chief this went on throughout the night into the wee hours of Thursday morning, with the juvenile finally stealing his fourth vehicle, which was a silver Dodge pickup, sometime after 5:00 a.m., at the Beverly Hills Apartments, knocking down some mailboxes as he wrecklessly drove out of the parking lot.

“At this point, he led the officers on a high speed chase with the Macon County Sheriffs Department assisting Sgt. Ruiz and officer Justin Adams, as they pursued the vehicle out the Scottsville Road,” noted Chief Amalfitano. “The juvenile then veered on to Green Valley Road, turning left on Red Hill, where the pursuit ended, with the teenager taken into custody.”

Amalfitano said the suspect came close to running over a deputy sheriff while they were in pursuit and he was swerving all over the road, from shoulder to shoulder at a high rate of speed with no regard to the public or himself.

The chief said the vehicles were all recovered and returned to the owners later on that morning and a rifle was recovered from the vehicle on Chitwood Drive.

“All citizens should make sure they take the keys out of their vehicles along with all personal items,” added Amalfitano. “This was a very unfortunate situation for the people who work hard for their property, but thankfully with good police work and team effort between the Lafayette Police Department and the Macon County Sheriffs Department, everyone got their property back that same day and the person was taken into custody.”

“I would like to add that we are praying for this young man, who caused so much havoc and we hope he finds help.

The juvenile was charged with theft, reckless endangerment, possession of a firearm while under the influence of drugs or alcohol and resisting arrest. He was sent to the Cookeville Detention Center where he is facing up to two years if convicted of these crimes.

Added Captain Woodard, “We are still investigating this situation and if anyone has any information about this case please contact the Lafayette Police Department at 666-4725. If we find out anyone else was involved, we will also be charging them.”