Macon County Chronicle

Cows Cause Three Vehicles to Crash on Hwy 10

Christopher Gregg’s Chevy Cavalier was one of the vehicles that were severely damaged on Highway 10, in Trousdale County, last Thursday night, when 14 cows were killed. (Photo by D. Gregory)A section of Highway 10 South in Trousdale County was closed for two hours last Thursday night, after 14 cows were killed and three vehicles damaged, two totaled, including the jeep Lafayette’s Dr. Phillip Hunt was driving.

According to THP Trooper Danny Fisher, several cows had somehow gotten out of their fenced-in lot near the Hartsville Cabinet Shop and Cato intersection and were in the middle of the road sometime after 11:00 p.m. causing three vehicles too crash.

Fisher stated that the black cows were impossible for the drivers to see, until it was too late, but fortunately no one was seriously injured. “Dr. Hunt’s jeep was totaled along with Christopher Gregg’s Chevy Cavalier,” said Fisher. “And another vehicle was extensively damaged but the owner was able to drive it home.”

Officer Chaney Wright of Hartsville called for the Tennessee Highway Patrol, and Trooper Fisher asked Officers Danny Linville and Chase Spears to close down the road. Trousdale County veterinarian, Dr. Michael Towns, was called to the scene, where several suffering animals had to be put down, with a total of 14 dead.

The Civil Defense and Fire Department were also called to help clean up the scene and remove the cows and Newberry’s Towing, in Lafayette, picked up Dr. Hunt’s jeep.

Highway 10 was closed from the Hartsville Cabinet Shop to the Highway 25 intersection from 11:30 p.m. till 1:30 a.m.