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Teen Survives Wreck on Hwy 10 S. Hill

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Throughout the years this road has claimed the lives of many local people, but fortunately for 19-year-old Nathan Stewart Reid, who was driving a southbound Mazda, he lived to tell about it.

“Once again,” Fisher said, “slick roads were a factor in this traffic accident, but thankfully this time my report doesn’t include a fatality.”

The young man, who apparently lost control of his vehicle while negotiating a curve, suffered facial injuries and was transported to Macon County General Hospital.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol, Macon County EMS, Macon County Rescue Squad, Macon County Sheriffs Department, and the Macon County Chronicle responded to the scene.

Innocent people are hurt and killed every year on this road. This dangerous highway needs immediate attention, but I just wonder if someone thinks it cost too much money to fix a hazard that is taking the lives of those we love. When will something finally be done folks!