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Two Arrested at Local Mapco on Charges of Meth Manufacture

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Forty-six-year-old Kathy Clark and 48-year-old Theodore Bransford were arrested outside of the Mapco Market in Macon County on Sunday, April 8th, after a Macon County Sheriff’s Department Deputy, who was pumping gas at the market, was notified by a clerk that a man in a black, Ford Ranger was seen drinking whiskey in his vehicle in the business’ parking lot.

According to the report filed by Deputy Josh Smith, he approached the male suspect, Theodore Bransford, and his female passenger, Kathy Clark, and could “smell alcohol beverage coming from the driver of the vehicle.”

Mr. Bransford was asked to step outside of the vehicle in order to conduct a DUI investigation and produce his identification, registration and insurance information.

“The driver was very unsteady on his feet and had slurred speech,” stated Deputy Smith in his report. “So unsteady, that I found it dangerous to perform field sobriety tasks in this confined area.”

The report went on to state that once Deputy Smith advised Bransford that he was under arrest, he resisted and pulled away, but Deputy Smith was able to place him under arrest.

During an inventory search of the vehicle, Sergeant Michael Veatch and Deputy Smith discovered a one-pot method, active methamphetamine lab, still in the process of a chemical reaction, between the drive and passenger seats.

Also found inside the vehicle was a bleach bottle with a white liquid inside, a plastic 2-liter cola bottle with liquid inside, a plastic 20 oz. cola bottle with lantern fuel inside, coffee filters and a pair of latex gloves. There were also three open whiskey bottles inside the vehicle.

The Tennessee Methamphetamine Task Force was notified and responded to clean up the lab.

Upon receiving Bransford’s driver’s license information from dispatch, Deputy Smith learned that Bransford had three prior DUI’s and a prior ‘driving on revoked license’ charge.

Bransford were arrested and charged with promotion of meth manufacture, possession of drug paraphernalia, felony driving under the influence (4th offense), driving on a revoked license (2nd offense), violation of open alcohol container, resisting arrest and intent to manufacture meth. Clark was also arrested and charged with the following: promotion of meth manufacture, possession of drug paraphernalia and intent to manufacture meth.

Both are scheduled to appear in General Sessions Court on April 25th.