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Vandalism Becomes a Problem in Lafayette

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With a rash of vandalism becoming a problem inside the City of Lafayette, LPD Chief Ray Amalfitano decided to talk to the Macon County Chronicle about the growing situation and the steps they are taking to alleviate this crime.

“We have had a rash of vandalism since warm weather has moved in,” said Chief Amalfitano, “beginning with Key Park, which has been hit several times in recent weeks. We have also had vandalism reports at the Lafayette City Park, Sonic Restaurant and Dr. Odunusi parking lot, which are all currently under investigation.”

The chief says his team is taking extra measures on beefing up security to capture these vandals, who he believes are teenagers with too much time on their hands and nothing better to do.

“The police department has been busy answering other calls inside the city limits,” explained the Chief, “and this makes it hard to catch these vandals in the act. I have brain stormed and came up with other ways to capture these subjects who are responsible for destroying public property, but I’m not at liberty to disclose this information right now.”

The chief doesn’t wish these individuals any harm, but with the problem escalating he is to the point where it has to stop before more property is damaged and somebody ends up getting hurt.

“I ask all citizens to be vigilant and if they see anyone vandalizing city or private property to get a good description of the person, including the color of their clothes and any distinguishing marks on both male and females,” added Amalfitano. “If there is a vehicle involved get the make, model and tag number if possible and notify the Lafayette Police Department at 666-4725.

Another issue plaguing the city that Chief Amalfitano and his team is aware of, is skateboarders who don’t want to follow the rules. “Skateboarders need to pay attention to where they are skating,” said the Chief. “They are not permitted to skate at Key Park, Lafayette City Park and especially in the middle of the streets, which is becoming a traffic hazard for drivers. We are constantly receiving complaints from people behind the wheel, complaining that skateboarders won’t get out of the road.”

The chief said he understands that skateboarding is a lot of fun for these young people, but they need to stay on their own property. They also need to use the proper equipment when skateboarding, including helmets and knee pads.

“We don’t like telling young people to stop having fun,” added the chief, “but we can’t tolerate where and how they have been skateboarding, along with their disrespectful conduct to other people. I was raised to respect my elders and I expect the same thing from the kids here in Lafayette.”

“It is my goal to keep skateboarders and other citizens from getting hurt, and all I ask for is their cooperation.”