A meth lab was discovered by the Lafayette Police Department last Wednesday afternoon, May 30th, on Chamberlain Avenue, after Chief Amalfitano received a tip earlier that morning.

“After receiving a tip last week of drug activity at 205 Chamberlain Avenue,” stated Chief Amalfitano, “I found out who these people were that lived there and what their history was, at which time I spoke to the 15th Judicial Drug Task Force.”

In conjunction with the Task Force investigators, Chief Amalfitano and his officers went to the residence of 31-year-old William Christopher Andrews and 32-year-old Misty Lee Summers, which is within 400 yards of a day care center and a church. “We conducted a “knock and talk” method and received permission to search the home where four children, ages 5 to 14, also reside,” said the chief. “Entering the home we quickly discovered a fully working meth lab in a back bedroom, very close to one of the kids’ bedrooms.”

According to Amalfitano, the living conditions and the meth lab were so dangerous that he notified DCS. Under the circumstances, the children were immediately placed into DCS custody and were medically examined at the Macon County General Hospital.

The Macon County Sheriffs Department also responded to the scene to help the LPD with the case.

“It was a well established lab, in which they were manufacturing methamphetamine in a process they call shake & bake,” Amalfitano continued. “We notified the clandestine lab clean up crew and they arrived a couple of hours later.”

The chief said when he made entry into the residence, which is also very close to the police station, that he was deeply saddened and angry at the same time. “I was sad for the children, who are hopeless and couldn’t help themselves in the extremely dangerous environment they were living in,” he said. “And I was angry that these two adults thought of nothing but themselves with no regard for the children whatsoever.” 

“We quarantined the home, putting up state notification that this home is not to be entered until it is properly cleaned up. It was passed on to dispatch and all my officers that no one was allowed back into the home.”

Various charges are pending against the couple, who were picked up again several hours later that night and charged with separate offenses.

Amalfitano said that Andrews and Summers were found back inside the home at 205 Chamberlain Ave. and were arrested for criminal trespass after notification the house was quarantined, possession of meth and drug paraphernalia by Sgt. Shane Reid.

“The men and women of the Lafayette Police Department aren’t going to stand for drug activitity,” Chief Amalfitano said. “We are doing everything we can to make this community as safe and drug free as possible. We will do anything we can to help the citizens of our town and if you have any information involving methamphetamine or any other drugs please contact us at 666-4725. If you are using drugs or manufacturing meth, we will see you sooner or later!!