Macon County Chronicle

4,000 Attend Hillbilly Days

Ronald Birdwell got the ole pie in the face from Melissa Shrum, after she raised more money in the Mr. & Mrs. Hillbilly Contest.

As thousands gathered at Key Park for the Lions Club 37th Annual Macon County Hillbilly Days extravaganza, the 94º temperature didn’t stop people from immersing themselves in the rich local culture, as well as the old time traditions of the hills of rural Middle Tennessee.

People from all walks of life came to enjoy three fun-filled days and nights of activity, and according to Monica Gann the crowd was estimated at 4,000 people over the 72 hour celebration. “Blending the old with the new, we offered something for everyone,” said Lafayette Lioness Club Secretary Monica Gann, “including kids rides, clothing & handbag booths, hamburgers and other delights.”

Gann said that the best of bluegrass and country music was enjoyed and some of the most talented artists in the area participated in the various contests.

Winners in the entertainment section were:

Flat Top Guitar

1st Tyler Andal

2nd Tyler Sellers

3rd Rob Pearcy


1st Tyler Andal

2nd Kamon Reynolds

3rd Rob Pearch


1st Weston Stewart

2nd Robert Morris

3rd Luke Mundy

Jr. Fiddle (16-50)

1st Adam French

2nd Tyler Andal

3rd Mary Rachel Nalley

Male Vocalist

1st Jason Gammon

2nd Dwayne Murry

3rd Robert McClanahan

Sr. Fiddle (51 & up)

1st R.B. Scruggs

2nd Carl Franklin

3rd Don Sadler


1st Rob Pearcy

2nd Herman Ray

3rd Ethan Reynolds

Female Vocalist

1st Tori West

2nd Jessie Clements

3rd Lindsey Neal

3rd Annual Ped Scruggs Memorial Fiddle Off

Winner: Adam French

Bluegrass Band

1st Southbound

2nd Clearview

3rd Hillbilly Boys

Buck Dance (15+)

1st Tori West

2nd Tommy Scruggs

3rd Chris Gray

Fried Apple Pie

1st Betty Burgett

2nd Dorothy Hance

2nd (tie) Kennedy Hix

Fried Variety Pie

1st Betty Burgett

2nd Dorothy Hance

3rd Dorothy Hance

Best Overall Pie

Betty Burgett

Mr. and Mrs. Hillbilly were Ronald Birdwell, who raised $1,760, and Melissa Shrum, who raised $2,942.36. The winner of the Ms. Hillbilly Costume Contest was Cindy Scruggs and Mr. Hillbilly Costume Contest winner was Hobart Barton. The youngest person in attendance was Kathleen Reynolds and Jason Swindle; and the farthest traveled was Brandel Brawner. The oldest person in attendance was R.B Scruggs and the longest married couple went to Herman and Faye Ray.

The Roaring Lion Community Service Award changed to the Billy & Joanna Roark Community Service Award and the winners were North Central Telephone Cooperative and Tri County Electric.

Once again the Macon County Chronicle covered the event and WEEN Radio broadcast live. As usual, Hillbilly Days never disappoints, and hopefully memories were made at the annual event, and if you missed it, you’ll have another chance next year!