Components used in the manufacture of methamphetamine were discovered in a Walmart sack around 3:30 a.m. Saturday morning, June 23rd at Key Park.

As the methamphetamine epidemic continues to plaque Lafayette, LPD Chief Ray Amalfitano and his dedicated team, are waging a war against this deadly drug that is destroying lives and taking a toll on our peaceful community.

This out of control situation is full of twists and turns, and officers never know what to expect or what extremes people will take to manufacture, sell or buy this silent killer.

In an odd twist to this growing problem, LPD Corporal Jeff Hix was sitting on the Scottsville Road side of Key Park at approximately 3:30 a.m. Saturday morning, June 23, when he saw a couple of people walking the track.

“After they walked by,” said Hix, “I noticed a vehicle pull up behind the church and park.”

Hix says that being so early and all the recent drug activity in town, he was immediately suspicious and decided to investigate. While there, he asked Sgt. Shane Reid to join him at the park, and while speaking with the subject he noticed a gentleman walking beside the church.

“After I noticed this guy I asked him to come over and speak with me,” continued Hix, “and I could see between the buildings and saw yet another man carrying a Walmart bag. I asked the first man to speak with Reid while I tried to make contact with the second gentleman.”

When Hix went to find the second man, he took off running and threw the bag on the ground. “When I picked up the bag I found components used in the manufacture of methamphetamine and after Sgt. Reid questioned the first man he helped me search for the second subject.”

After searching the area the officers were unable to find him. The first subject was still sitting there when they returned and Hix questioned him about the man that took off running. “I noticed a bottle of Smart Water, which is also common in making meth, but after questioning him, I let him go,” said Hix. The officers soon spotted the other guy in a field between the church and Bratton Avenue, and after finally catching the suspect, they asked him about the products in the Walmart sack.

“He advised me there was more products hid in the bushes beside the bathrooms at Key Park,” Corporal Hix stated, “that are used to cook this dangerous drug.”

At this time the Lafayette Police Department is not releasing the names of the suspects, because they are still under investigation, along with drug activity in our city parks.

“We need the help of the public to keep an eye on the parks and other areas,” said Corporal Hix, “ to help us control this meth epidemic.”

Commented Chief Amalfitano, “I am proud of my officers, but as Corporal Hix said, it is hard to be everywhere, that is why we are seeking help from the citizens of our town to help keep an eye on suspicious activity. We will keep on fighting and chipping away at this dangerous problem, as we work with other agencies and the public as well.”

If you have any information on the methamphetamine problem or any other drugs in Lafayette, please contact the Lafayette Police Department at 666-4725.