Macon County Chronicle

Moonshine Still Discovered in Macon County

Pictured above are Officers Anthony Warner and Darrell Taylor of the Macon County Sheriff’s Department with the moonshine still they recently recovered. (Photo by: J. Williams)Officers of the Macon County Sheriff’s Department made a rare discovery on Tuesday, July 17th, after receiving a tip about the location of a possible moonshine still in Macon County.

Upon arriving at the scene noted by the tipster, Detective Darrell Taylor and Officers Kyle Petty and Anthony Warner, located the functioning still along with two full quarts of ‘mash,’ a mixture used to start the fermentation process, and six gallons of the completed distilled spirit.

While it’s unknown how long the still has been in operation, one of the jugs containing the finished product, had the date ‘5-15-05’ written across it.

According to Detective Taylor, the discovered still will produce an estimated eight gallons of illegal moonshine at a time.

As the investigation is ongoing, officers could not disclose the location of their discovery.