Macon County Chronicle

City of Lafayette to Conduct Special Clean Up Week


The City of Lafayette is conducting a special Clean-Up/Fix-Up Week for all city residents July 30th through August 3rd and Neighbors Helping Neighbors, along with several other organizations, are getting involved in this community effort to help clean up the town. “During the designated week the Sanitation Department will pick up items that they normally don’t pick up,” said City Mayor Richard Driver. “And this year the Neighbors Helping Neighbors organization, along with the Lafayette Garden Club, Boy Scouts, other youth groups and concerned citizens are also becoming actively involved to assist homeowners in moving items to be picked up, to the street where the city will remove it.”

Neighbors Helping Neighbors is a group of twenty to thirty volunteers organized by Councilman Roger Russell, Councilwoman Pam Cothron and Councilman Markus Smith, to clean up areas in Lafayette to keep our fair city looking beautiful. During a two-week period in the month of June, the organization worked on several pieces of property on College Street along with other areas of the town as well.

“We have been volunteering to help neighbors in cleaning up their yards,” said Councilman Russell, “and we will assist homeowners in moving items they want picked up from their yards, porches or garages to the street where the city employees will then pick it up. The City of Lafayette will not pick up bricks, concrete blocks or used car tires, however this volunteer group will pick up these items and dispose of them.”

“Citizens will have to pay for the disposal of car tires,” said Russell, “and we are requesting that homeowners donate $1.25 per tire to offset the cost of the land field charge. They city is also picking up addition items during this clean up.”

Refrigerators, air conditioners, unpainted lumber, pallets, limbs, brush, paint, microwaves, TV’s and computers will be picked up at the street. Homeowners are invited to call 666-4455 during the next two weeks to obtain free assistance in moving items to be picked up.

“We will also be providing assistance to City of Lafayette elderly residents that need help in weed eating ditches in front of their homes,” said the Councilman.
Anyone who may want to assist in this volunteer clean up effort are encouraged to meet at Key Park on Saturday, July 28th at 7:00 a.m. for five hours of volunteer work. These volunteers may also call 666-4455 to let the councilman know that they will be assisting on July 28th. The goal of these volunteers is to make our beautiful city as clean as possible and to encourage other people to help their neighbors keep the city clean.

“We need adult volunteers to help with our youth groups,” said Russell, “so please call 666-4455 and help us out. And remember, we will continue after Saturday to help move items to the street.”

During the week of July 30th through August 3rd you may call City Hall at 666-2194 for pick up.