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RBS Water Superintendent Resigns

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Long, who was present at the meeting, stated that his resignation included a two-week notice, with his last day being September 1, 2012.

During the discussion, City Council member Tom Fultz made the motion to accept Long’s resignation and “skip the two weeks,” which was seconded by councilman Billy Joe Carver.

“My offer to Bobby (City Mayor) was that I will be in these water treatment plants every single day, seven days a week, and if someone else can offer you something better that’s fine,” Long remarked. “I’m willing to do this for our community, not for any one person…. I want to make this transition as easy on the City as it can possibly be without effecting the water supply.”

Other council members disagreed with Fultz’s motion, voting 4-2, against it.

“Well, I’m just going to say I can’t vote for this right now,” said council member George McCrary. “I think we’d be putting ourselves in a mess, personally.”

City Water Department employee Eric Sadler is said to take over the reins as Water Superintendent once he becomes certified. He is expected to take his certification test in November of this year. During Long’s last two weeks he will be training Sadler in trouble shooting areas.

“I feel that Eric has about a 70 percent competency level as an operator. There are just a few troubleshooting things that he needs to realize and see the steps that he’ll actually go through. And over the next two weeks that’s what I’m wanting to show him to eliminate the calls to a contractor,” Long stated.

During the interim period before Sadler is certified, the City will be hiring a certified contract operator to act as water superintendent. Long stated that he plans to apply for the position.

City Mayor Bobby Etheridge stated that the City will advertise for the position and scheduled a Special Called meeting for Monday, August 27th, to hire a certified contract operator to begin September 2, 2012.

Long has been an employee of the Red Boiling Springs Water Department since 2004.

In Other Business:

  • Minutes were approved for the July 12th RBS City Council meeting as written.
  • Red Boiling Springs resident Kathy Bragg voiced her concerns about fireworks being shot off in her area every day and the possibility of creating a City ordinance that would regulate the days of the year that fireworks are allowed to be fired off. Bragg also shared her concerns about unkempt yards in the community.
  • Council members voted to adopt Ordinance #12-7, setting the 2012 tax rate at $1.1609 (same as current tax rate), on first reading.
  • Council members voted to approve the Police Department employee evaluation form presented by RBS Chief of Police Terry Tuck, with a few minor wording changes.
  • Council members voted to adopt Resolution #8-9-12, authorizing the issuance, sale and payment of Capital Outlay Notes, not to exceed $200,000 pursuant to the informal bid. The loan for the gas line extension will be provided by Macon Bank & Trust, which presented the lowest interest rate (2.25%).
  • Council members voted to hire part-time, inmate transporter, Clyde Knight.
  • Council members voted to allow Adrian Powell, of Powell & Son, to clean up the City’s creek beds.
  • Council members voted to put two new members on the RBS Fire Dept. – Justin Adams and Marcus Spivey.
  • Council members voted to donate $2,000 to Vision 2020. The donation is already accounted for in the City Budget.
  • The council voted to approve a Street Dance for Saturday, September 1. The Street Dance will include a live band and fireworks.
  • George Garden, of Barge, Waggoner, Sumner & Cannon, presented the City’s Water Leak Report to council members. Seventy-six water leaks were discovered in Red Boiling Springs. Repairs are already underway, with 20 of the most serious leaks repaired already. Water Department employees will continue to stop the rest of the reported leaks.