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Woman Faces Charged; Husband Fired from RBS Police Dept.

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According to a report filed by LPD Officer Rejena Parker on August 17th she responded to the intersection of Highway 52 &10 to a motorist assist, and upon arrival she saw a silver Chevy Colbalt in the east bound left turn lane, half in the turn lane and half in the intersection.

Parker says that two small children, ages 4 and 8, were in the passenger seat and 27-year-old Charlene Russell was sitting in the drivers seat unconscious. After the officer was unsuccessful in waking her up, she called EMS to run emergency traffic to the scene, with medical personnel transporting the subject to Macon County General Hospital.

Both children were removed from the vehicle and Officer Parker called the subject’s husband, RBS Policeman Joe Russell, and explained the situation, advising him where his children were and that his vehicle would be in the parking lot of Citizens Bank.

Russell had in her possession 13 ½ white round tablets of Soma 2410 V in a Marlboro wrapper.

When Officer Parker went to MCGH, she questioned the suspect, who stated she had acquired the pills from someone in Westmoreland. The confused woman asked Parker where she was and how she got there, although she did remember her children being in the car.

Russell said she had taken other pills and that she was on several different medications from various doctors. When asked by Officer Parker if she was aware that she was driving a vehicle under the influence of medication in her present condition, she stated that of course she did. She told the officer that she was going to Westmoreland with her kids and that Joe was at work in RBS, and that he knew all about it.

Joe Russell spoke to the officer, about his wife’s condition and she was released to him at 1:15 a.m. August 18th. Officer Parker was not notified of her release after she had stated that several charges would be filed against the woman.

The reports says that Joe Russell got in touch with Officer Parker, stating that he had moved all the family’s belongings from their place of residence to his father’s house and that he would bring Charlene Russell to the Macon County Sheriffs Department to book her in just as soon as he finished.

On August 19th Officer Parker had not heard from Joe Russell or Charlene Russell and she failed to make contact with them after numerous attempts.

“Officer Russell was still on his one year probation period,” said Chief Tuck, “and several incidents had been brought to my attention concerning his wife. This has reflected negatively on him as well as the Red Boiling Springs Police Department and I decided to release him from his duties.”