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Governor Haslam Presents $500,000 to City of Lafayette

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Governor Bill Haslam

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam visited Macon County last Tuesday, September 18, delivering a $500,000 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) for sewer system improvements to the City of Lafayette.

The $500,000 CDBG will be combined with $102,410 in local funds to replace 6,050 feet of sewer line, including 4,200 feet of line near downtown Lafayette.

Governor Haslam stated that his visit to our county was the first stop in his statewide CDBG tour.

“Community Development Block Grants are federal money given out through HUD to let the State apportion as we see needed,” the Governor explained. “These grants are for towns (with populations) under 50,000 and focus on their infrastructure needs.”

During the grant presentation, Governor Haslam referred to his experience as a former mayor and the importance of these grants to cities such as Lafayette.

“I’ve been a mayor and I don’t care if the town is 500,000 or 500, the needs are remarkably similar and it starts with providing basic services to people,” he added. “One of the things I learned really quick as mayor was… at the end of the day, people want the basic needs of the City met, that’s what they elect you to do. These grants help us do that.”

The grant was approved following an application submission by the City of Lafayette.

“For every ten applications made we can grant about two of them,” the Governor stated concerning the supply and demand of the Community Development Block Grants.

Joining Governor Haslam for the grant presentation were Speaker of the House Beth Harwell, Senator Mae Beavers and 40th District State Representative Terri Lynn Weaver.

The CDBG program is administered in Tennessee by the Department of Economic and Community Development.

Other grant recipients included Alexandria ($500,000 for water system improvements), Algood ($500,000 for housing rehabilitation), McMinnville ($500,000 for sewer system improvements), South Carthage ($250,000 for sewer system improvements), Sparta ($500,000 for sewer system improvements) and Westmoreland ($400,000 for sewer system improvements).

Additional CDBG recipients will be announced throughout September and October.