Shortly before 8:30 p.m. on Friday night, October 26th, Peggy’s Market was robbed at gunpoint by two male individuals dressed in black, after a young white male came in first and cased the premises, located at 10329 Highway 52 West, in Macon County.

Sheriff Mark Gammons says that the first individual who entered the convenience store was around five foot eleven, of average bill and wore a hoodie and blue jeans. He was looking around and the employees didn’t realize at the time that he was obviously checking out the store, however he did purchase a candy bar. When he went back to the vehicle to leave, two other gentlemen exited the SUV wearing hoodies with bandanas over their faces.

“They were both armed with pistols,” said Sheriff Gammons, “and they advised the gentlemen working at the store to turn over the money.”

The Sheriffs says at that time they did give the two gentlemen an undisclosed amount of money, and they immediately left the store, got back in the black SUV and exited toward Lafayette as they pulled out of the parking lot in a fast get-away.

“At this time we are still working the case along with other departments in different counties,” noted the sheriff, “who have also been experiencing armed robberies. We don’t know at this time yet if they are connected. This could possibly be an in county robbery with individuals in Macon County committing this crime.”

Sheriff Gammons says they are looking at this situation from all angles with Detectives Satterfield, Taylor and Crawford are working the case as well as Deputy Phil Harper, who responded to the initial call within a matter of minutes.

“The get away car has been described possibly as a Tahoe, which we can not verify at this time, but all we know for sure is that it is a large black SUV,” explained Sheriff Gammons.

The officers remain at the scene until midnight and around 3:00 a.m. the sheriff and deputies returned to the store to make sure the employees got into the building safely. “We advised them to lock the doors behind them,” he said.

Gammons said the Lafayette Police Department officers helped look for the vehicle inside the city limits in case it came that way

All surrounding agencies were notified by Sheriff Gammons about the robbery and they were put on alert to keep their eyes open for the suspect vehicle.

“I would like to thank Macon Bank’s Sammy Peterson for coming in to let us look at the footage from their surveillance cameras located next door to the convenience store,” said Gammons.

The Sheriffs Department is encouraging anyone that has any information pertaining to this case to please notify them at 615-666-3325. You will remain anonymous.