The Macon County Sheriffs Department is working diligently to rid Macon County of the deadly methamphetamine epidemic that continues to plague this rural area of Middle Tennessee.

A call came into the Sheriffs Department from a landowner around 10:00 p.m. Thursday night, November 1st, stating that two subjects were camping on his property located on Tanyard Road.

Deputy Jacob Law responded to the area and while checking out the property he noticed what appeared to be a meth operation. He says that he contacted Sgt. Michael Veatch for assistance along with his K-9 partner, and upon their arrival they immediately began a search. The canine found a meth lab along with components used to cook the illegal drug.

“We quickly secured the area,” said Sgt. Veatch, “and we began the clean up.”

David Wayne Tackett, 25, of 300 Gamaliel Road in Red Boiling Springs was charged with manufacturing of narcotics, intent to manufacture narcotics and promotion of methamphetamine by Officer Law. His bond is set at $30,000 and a General Sessions Court date is scheduled for November 28.

24-year-old Teri Jo Eden of 970 Hwy. 52 By Pass East in Lafayette was also charged by Officer Law with possession of a Schedule IV drug, intent to manufacture methamphetamine, promotion of methamphetamine and manufacturing of narcotics. Her bond is set at $35,000 and she is scheduled to appear in General Sessions Court on November 28.

In another meth situation, 34-year-old Jeremy Christophe Clark, of 864 Pumpkintown Road, in Red Boiling Springs was charged with promotion of methamphetamine manufacture, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a Schedule II drug on November 3rd by Officer Kimball Hall.

Sgt. Mark Brawner and Deputy Warner originally responded to this residence to speak with Shirley Clark about her son Jeremy. “When we arrived,” said Brawner, “we spoke to Shirley and her husband, Roger, who stated their son had been staying with them and was always complaining that bugs were crawling out of his skin.”

The couple were deeply concerned for their son and after Brawner explained the effects that meth has, they allowed the officers to come inside and look around. The mother stated that she had been finding needles when she did Jeremy’s laundry and they were concerned for their own safety as this point and time.

Brawner says they searched Jeremy’s room and discovered a needle, a spoon and a small baggie with a white substance in it. After locating these items in the bedroom they began to search the property and found approximately 45 pounds of ammonia, a gallon of Coleman fuel, coffee filters and a mason jar with clear liquid in it. “We also found an unmarked pill bottle on the dresser with several white bills in it,” said the officer.

The officers says they located a set of digital scales on the nightstand in Jeremy’s room and at that time they called Kimball Hall, a meth tech also with the Macon County Sheriffs Department.

Jeremy Clark had left the scene before the officers descended upon the residence. After removing everything from the scene Sgt. Brawner returned to the sheriffs office to obtain the warrants on Jeremy Clark.

Clark’s bond is set at $50,000 and a court date has been scheduled for November 14.