Macon County Chronicle

NCTC Annual Meeting Held Last Saturday


North Central Telephone Cooperative held their annual members meeting last Saturday afternoon, with an upset in the Board of Directors election.

The highly anticipated election results in the Lafayette exchange were announced first by attorney Guy Holliman, after a lot of controversial campaigning and criticism narrowed the field to only two. Shelvy Linville received 592 votes, Donnie Morgan captured 200 votes and Ronnie Wilburn received 514 votes. Linville won the popular vote, however he didn’t have 51 percent, which unfortunately resulted in a runoff election scheduled for Saturday, November 17th.

Manager Nancy White says that North Central is establishing the solid technology foundation that will benefit businesses and residents for years go come.

Stating that financially the cooperative is doing well, the business meeting went on as usual with White reporting the year in review and where the cooperative is today. She thanked the employees for their dedication and hard work and Gay Chamberlain was presented with the 2012 Will Hall Sullivan Community Service Award.

Mrs. White addressed the group with facts that answered some of Ronnie Wilburn’s criticisms, including the managers pay increase, local hiring, and a  $25 million loan repayment.

“2012 has been a wonderful year for NCTC,” said White, “and our members are one of the main reasons. Many of you have told me how happy you are that North Central is investing in fiber optics for high speed internet and more advanced TV services.”

White says the TV customer growth of more than 17% in the past 20 months shows that members mean it!

Mrs. White says that the cooperatives’ strength is based on support for and from the community and “we believe that we’re building networks and services to support the people or our area for many years to come.”

Big change is not always easy to adjust to and White wants to personally thank the Board of Director and those employees who support those changes for working extremely hard so that we can continue to compete successfully. “Our goal is to connect customers anywhere and anytime!

This is an exciting time for NCTC and White says she appreciates everyone’s support and she appreciates your business.

After the meeting adjourned the staff at North Central gave away numerous gifts to those in attendance. Most of the prizes were purchased from local retailers, and NCTC encourages everyone to shop local when possible.

Don’t forget to cast your vote on Saturday, November 17 from 9 a.m. till 2 p.m. at the main office.