Recent drug indictments that had been handed down by the Macon County Grand Jury were served on Monday, November 19.

The Macon County Sheriffs Department began serving the 19 indictments and by late Monday afternoon, fifteen had been served.

Detective Donnie Crawford has been working drug investigations since March of this year, including the buying and selling of narcotics, marijuana, methamphetamine, morphine, heroine, hydrocodone, and other miscellaneous schedule drugs.

Members of the Macon County Sheriffs Department, along with assistance from officers of the Lafayette Police Department went to various locations in the county and served these indictments. The department started early in the day and before it was over they also discovered two non-active meth labs, along with more narcotics.

Sgt. Michael Veatch said that while serving a warrant at an undisclosed location, with Kyle Petty, Donnie Crawford, & Stacy Woodard, he went behind the house where he noticed a green Mountain Dew bottle with material that is consistent with a meth lab. After consent from the homeowner they searched the property and found another meth lab inside the garage.

Those arrested include: Willie Robert Barrette Jr., of Bradley Hollow Road in Lafayette, promotion of methamphetamine.

Glyn Paul Newberry, of Old Hwy 52 in Lafayette, manufacturing of narcotics.

David Hall, of West Fork Creek Road in Lafayette, simple possession.

Anthony Paul Newberry, of Old Hwy. 52 in Lafayette, manufacturing of narcotics.

Others arrested by late Monday afternoon: Tiffany Nielsen, Dustin Richardson, James Reid, Glen Newberry, Jeffrey Shuck, Jennifer Shuck, and Johnny Stafford.

During the operation money was confiscated due to undercover operations and several vehicles were also seized.

Sheriff Mark Gammons would like to thank his officers along with the Lafayette Police Department for their hard work and dedication to this operation.

In a separate investigation by Detective Donnie Crawford, he charged Daniel Jacob Wilson, of 1177 South Long Creek Road, with domestic violence, intent to manufacture narcotics and child abuse/neglect of child under six years of age.

According to Crawford he had received a tip that meth was being manufactured at this residence and after searching the house he found meth precursors used in a shake and bake operation. “I learned that Mr. Wilson had been cooking meth while children were in the house,” said Detective Crawford.”

Crawford later returned to the home to search a possible hiding spot inside a tool box. He found other equipment used to manufacture this deadly drug.

Kristie Lynn Colgate also lives at 1177 South Long Creek Road and she was charged with child abuse/neglect of child under 6 years of age.

Other meth arrests:

Officer Danny Meador, of the Lafayette Police Department, was patrolling down Sneed Blvd. on Wednesday, November 14, when he noticed a vehicle that appeared to be speeding. The driver ran the stop sign at the 52 & 10 intersection and Meador proceeded down the hill and pulled the vehicle over.

After consent was given he searched the vehicle, which was occupied by Cynthia Roe-Ward and Patrick Stewart. “I found several meth components inside the vehicle,” said Officer Meador. “I also confiscated two duffle bags in the truck that contained syringes, spoons, lithium batteries, lighter fluid, several cell phones without the batteries, along with plastic tubing, boric acid, filters, a little bag of rock and a white granulated substance in a pill bottle.”
Meador arrested the two suspects and transported the couple to the Macon County Justice Center.

Cynthia Marie Roe-Ward, 26, of 1535 Hwy. 52 in Westmoreland, was charged with promotion of methamphetamine manufacture and possession of drug paraphernalia. Bond is set at $15,000 and a court date is scheduled for Dec. 12.

Patrick Wayne Stewart, 27, of 623 Chitwood Drive in Lafayette, was charged with promotion of methamphetamine manufacture and possession of drug paraphernalia. Bond is set at $15,000 and a court date is scheduled for Dec. 12.

If you have any drug related information please call the Macon County Sheriffs Office at 615-666-3325 or the Lafayette Police Department at 615-666-4725.