Officers of the Macon County Sheriff’s Department seized approximately one pound of marijuana and 11 guns on Tuesday, November 27, after investigating reports that two Macon County men were in possession of the drug.

According to Macon County Sheriff Mark Gammons, officers received information from an informant involving Terry Ray Crowder, age 42, and Richard Lynn Murphy, age 34, and began their investigation at the home of Crowder’s girlfriend.

“We found several baggies of marijuana inside his girlfriend’s residence,” Sheriff Gammons stated. “When we went to Crowder’s home to arrest him, he fled the scene on foot. Our K-9 Gordy, his handler Officer Michael Veatch and Detective Darrell Taylor attempted to track the suspect, but the K-9 lost his scent once they arrived at a creek.”

Officer Veatch and K-9 Gordy then searched the outside of Crowder’s vehicle, which was parked at the residence.

“The K-9 hit on the suspect’s truck, and we discovered approximately four more ounces of marijuana and seized the vehicle,” the Sheriff explained.

Officers then turned their investigation to the second subject named by an informant, Richard Murphy.

According to the Sheriff, Detectives Darrell Taylor and Bryan Satterfield arrived at Murphy’s residence and found him in possession of marijuana and 11 long guns.

Officers also discovered numerous small marijuana plants and harvested plants at Murphy’s residence.

He was arrested on charges of manufacturing marijuana.

After a warrant was released for his arrest, Terry Ray Crowder turned himself in at the Macon County Sheriff’s Department on Wednesday, November 28.

“I would like to thank all of the deputies, detectives and Sergeant Ashley Mercer of the Tennessee Highway Patrol, for their work in these cases,” said Sheriff Gammons.