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RBS Football Squabble - Police Called, Assistant Coach Fired

A difference in opinions between head football coach and assistant football coach at Red Boiling Springs High School got a little out of hand Monday night and the RBS Police Department was called out to the football field.

According to witnesses at the scene, the football team was in the process of doing squats and the assistant football coach Brandy Gass did not agree with number of squats Head Coach Scott Baughn was making the players perform. From there, the argument escalated and Coach Baughn called RBSHS Principal Don Jones for advice.

“I take responsibility for the police being called,” Mr. Jones said during the June 10th board of education meeting, when board member Jimmy Cook said he wanted to know about the events that occurred the previous night.

“On the 911 call the coach placed he said ‘get a policeman up here, the parents wont leave’ and all he would have had to done is turn the lights off and left the premises, which would have left them all standing there in the dark,” Cook explained.

Principal Jones said he was sorry for giving the advice to call the police, recalling that was the instructions he was given on a previous situation.

“It seemed like everyone with access to a scanner called me Monday night about the coaches,” Jimmy Cook said as he mentioned that he was concerned about approving tenure for Coach Baughn when he has gotten numerous phone calls about his conduct in the classroom and on the field.

“When you have an assistant and a coach that can’t get along, you have got a real problem,” Cook added.
According to Principal Jones, the assistant coach has since been let go.

“Scott Baughn worked in the school for a year and was hired back, so, he automatically is approved for tenure,” board members explained.

When the Director of School Darrell Law was asked about his thoughts on the situation, he replied, “I think some of the people just needed to vent and to my understanding, it got out of hand because of one or two individuals.”

“Well, some of them talk to much,” Cook commented adding his opinion, “I think all coaches need to make a rule, Parents Don’t Come To Practice.”

“That would be a good policy to make,” MCJHS Principal Bobby Bransford commented, adding “I’ve had some great parents come to watch my kids practice, but that would be a great policy to make.”

In other business:

• The board approved Scott Baughn for tenure.

• The board approved the posting of new positions in Westside Elementary, Lafayette Elementary, Macon County High, and a county-wide speech position.

• The board approved the Tennessee History course to be offered at MCHS and RBSHS.

• The board approved 6th period athletics for MCHS and RBSHS but mentioned that was an area that should be looked at for 2010.
“We are eliminating all athletics from vocational school students,” Jimmy Cook commented. “Let me show you Red Boiling, I don’t think it’s fair to have these RBS Jr. High players wake up at 5:30 in the morning and be there at 6:30 in the morning to practice basketball,” board member Jimmy Cook explained. “If that was happening in Macon County, something would be done about it, and something can be done about it at Red Boiling. It’s real simple. Let the Jr. High practice 6th period and let the high school coaches practice after school,” Cook explained. “I was there thirty years and made out schedules and I know you can work the Jr. High in during the school day,” Cook said.

“The high school has always dominated the lower schools as far as I can remember,” board member Mike Marshall said.

“I know we can’t change it for this year, but we are giving a good deal to the high school and making the Jr. High kids get up and practice basketball at 6:30 in the morning, that could be the reason many of them don’t go out for it,” Cook explained, adding “I remember Principal Charles Biles not allowing sports to be practiced at all during the school day,” Cook said.

“I believe that problem is going to take care of it’s self in a couple of years and it won’t be our decision,” Marshall commented. “Well, we ought to have the guts to fix it ourselves,” Cook declared.

• The board authorized the executive committee to make any and all decisions relating to the transfer of Tri-County Vocational School to the Tennessee Board of Regents.

• The board approved the school budget for 08-09 school year.

• The board accepted the diesel fuel bid from Fleet one at RBS and Mixon Noller at Lafayette.

• The bus driver physicals and drug screening will be done at Dr. Hannah Ilia’s office.

• The board approved the fire and safety equipment bid from Gallatin Fire Extinguisher.

• MCHS Principal Wayne Deering asked that Trousdale County and Macon County’s soccer team be allowed to co-op as Trousdale County High School does not offer soccer to students. The board approved. He also asked that Smith County girls be allowed to co-op with Macon County and the board approved.

• RBS Elementary Principal Shawn Carter requested the three pre-k teachers be allowed to attend November’s National Early Childhood Conference in Dallas Texas. The board approved.