Sergeant J.J. Ruiz & K-9 Brassy

Lafayette Police Department Sgt. J.J. Ruiz and his canine partner Brassy, responded to a fight in Room 110 at the Budget Inn on Saturday night, December 21.

Sgt. Ruiz said that a call came in to the LPD around 9:10 p.m. and when he arrived at the motel the door at 110 was partially open. “I heard people screaming and I saw Jeremy Peachock and Jason Tirjan fighting on the floor,” said St. Ruiz.

“I attempted to break them up but they were non compliant to my directions and refusing to cooperate,” noted Ruiz.

Both were told several times they were under arrest and to break it up. According to Ruiz, Jason Tirjan was hollering and screaming at him with his fist balled up, acting in a violent and threatening manner. “Jeremy Peachock was not listening at this time and I pulled my tazer out on him and then told Jason Tirjan to comply with my directions and if he didn’t I would release K-9 Brassy.”

K-9 Brassy was deployed and was instructed to apprehend Tirjan. “Brassy got Tirjan and I contined to hold the tazer on Peachock. I advised them again to comply.”

Jason then complied and Brassy was instructed to release Tirjan, but to guard him. “I told Tirjan to stand with his hands out or that Brassy would bite again.”

The sergeant said at this time back up officers Sgt. Tucker and Corporal Flatt arrived and they placed Tirjan in handcuffs. Peachock continued to resist and fight with the two officers and he was tazed in order to safely effect the arrest.

Both Jeremy Peachock and Jason Tirjan were booked into the Macon County Jail and further investigation revealed that the two men had both consumed large amounts of whiskey.

Tiran and Peachock were charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, assault, and vandalism and their court dates are scheduled for January 9, 2013.

“With these two men fighting and in the shape they were in they could have easily overpowered me,” said Sgt. Ruiz. “K-9 Brassy helped me out of a bad situation and she was ready to apprehend with minimal force. I owe Brassy a lot, she’s my partner and she helps keeps the citizens of Lafayette safe.”

“Brassy is remarkable,” Ruiz said.