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Need to Renew Your Driver's License? Self-Service Kiosk Installed at Courthouse

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 Pictured are Connie Blackwell and County Court Clerk James Ralph Howser. (Photo by D. Gregory)

Thanks to the Department of Safety and Homeland Security, Macon County residents can now renew or replace a driver’s license at the County Court Clerk’s office in the Macon County Courthouse, since the recent installation of the self-service kiosk.

“The process is fast, easy and automatic,” said County Court Clerk James Ralph Howser. “People can renew and replace their driver’s license without driving out of town and waiting in long lines at driver’s license testing centers.”

Howser says the process is simple and takes only minutes. “The individual pays at the kiosk by credit or debit card and poses for a photo, which is then compared with the person in the previous license photo to prevent fraud. A receipt will then be printed out with your photo which will serve as a temporary driver’s license until your permanent license arrives in the mail five to seven days later.”

Safety Department spokesperson Dalya Qualls stated that by utilizing these kiosks, it will help reduce wait time at centers across the State of Tennessee.

The Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security’s mission is to ensure the safety and general welfare of the public.

“We are certainly lucky to have this kiosk here in Lafayette,” added Howser. “Hopefully it will be a tremendous help to Macon County residents.”