Danielle Jackson

A 19-year-old Bethpage teenager has been arrested and charged with Vehicular Homicide, in connection with the motorcycle death of Matthew “Brett” Minchey on Tuesday morning, October 12, 2012, inside the Lafayette city limits. Danielle Renee Jackson turned herself in at the Macon County Sheriffs Office on Friday afternoon, February 15, 2013, after she was indicted by the Grand Jury.

Jackson was driving an eastbound blue 1996 Chevy Lumina shortly before 10:00 a.m. back in October of last year, when she ran the stop sign at the intersection of Highway 52 and 10. Minchey was operating a 2003 Harley Davidson motorcycle, when he attempted to cross the busy intersection, heading down Highway 10 South. He was tragically struck and killed when the 4-door automobile pulled directly into his path.

“A witness at the intersection stated that Jackson ran the stop sign and pulled into Minchey’s path last fall,” reported Investigating Officer Jeff Hix, of the Lafayette Police Department.

Minchey was pronounced dead at Macon County General Hospital and Danielle Jackson was not injured.

Danielle Jackson’s bond is set at $15,000 and a General Sessions court date is scheduled for March 25, 2013.