A call came into the Macon County Sheriff’s Department on Wednesday, February 27, at approximately 11 a.m., reporting a property dispute on White Springs Rd. located in the northwest region of Macon County.

As an officer was dispatched to the scene, however, a second call reported that the dispute had progressed and shots had been fired.

Chief Deputy Bryon Satterfield, Detective Donnie Crawford, Sheriff Mark Gammons, Deputy Michael Veatch and several other deputies arrived on the scene, where it was determined that a logger was attempting to cut down a tree, when an adjacent property owner fired a warning shot into the air.

“The adjacent property owner fired once into the air with a shotgun,” Chief Satterfield stated. “The logger then got into his vehicle to move it out of the path of a tree, and saw the adjacent property owner with a shotgun pointed directly at him.”

Chief Satterfield said the logger retrieved a pistol from his vehicle and returned fire.

“As the logger attempted to leave in his truck, the adjacent property owner fired one more shot, this time striking the logger’s truck.”

Chief Satterfield stated that the incident stemmed from an ongoing dispute over the property line. It was determined by officers that the logger did not cut down any trees on the adjacent property owner’s land.

Officers photographed the scene, interviewed all of the parties involved and contacted the District Attorney’s Office.

“This is an ongoing investigation and charges are pending,” Bryon added.