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Theft at Reed Bray Lumber in RBS

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According to Randall Bray, who reported the crime around 6:45 a.m., the first thing he noticed was the 1990 Chevy pickup was missing and after he started checking around, he realized that other property was also gone.

“The vandals broke a window to gain entry into the office,” Bray said, “and the room was trashed. I also discovered that the back door of the storage trailer had been broken.”

Bray says that chain saws, copper wiring, a nail gun and other items were unaccounted for, with an estimated value in the thousands.

“They stole a GE Camera I had in the office,” said Secretary Vickie Hudson, “that had pictures of my late mother on the card.”

Mr. Bray said that neighbors recall hearing a loud vehicle around midnight. There was a trail of copper down Collins Road, up to Hudson Road and then Wooten Park.

The Jackson County Sheriffs Department said a road crew discovered the truck on Scaggs Branch Road around 7:00 a.m. that morning and Macon County was notified.

It seems the vehicle ran out of gas and the culprits run it off an embankment. Randall Bray went to the scene and retrieved the pickup. “It had a busted grill, several dents and the muffler was torn off, but we were actually able to drive it back to Red Boiling Springs.”

“I would like to have my SD card returned that was in my camera,” said Vickie. “It has irreplaceable pictures of my deceased mother.”

Detective Daryl Taylor and Deputy Kyle Petty are still investigating the crime. If you have any information involving this case please contact the Macon County Sheriffs Office.