Macon County Chronicle

Macon County Commissioners Meeting: In Other Business

In other business, commissioners:

•passed 35 budget amendments, with the exception of #24, which will pay for only 12 (instead of the 14 billed) students and require a student roster for additional payment.

•passed resolutions 1) Highway Department: Budget Extension; 2) World Environment Day; 3) Highway Department: New Road, Mary’s Lane; 4) County Budget Extension; 5) Macon County Board of Education; Budget Extension

•accepted the low bid of Elmore’s Flooring to replace the carpet in the EMS building

•accepted the low bid of $70,453 by SelecTech for an ambulance remount

•passed a motion to allow Road Supervisor Chop Porter to change the main flow of traffic at the intersections of the Old Red Boiling Springs Road and the Union Camp Road to give the right-of-way to the Union Camp Road instead of the Old Red Boiling Springs Road and to put up adequate signs to indicate the changes.

•passed a motion allowing the Saddle Club to use the retrooms at the Race Track.

•elected notaries public Joyce Swindle and Amanda Rittenberry.

•named Mike Scott the county’s new ADA Coordinator, and reduced the yearly salary from $8,285 to $1,292.

•approved the payment of Trustee Office employees through the County Mayor’s Office, instead of through the Trustee’s Office.