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Grend Jury Returns Indictments

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Anthony Summers

The Macon County Grand Jury met for it’s June session last week before Judge David E. Durham and handed down 70 true bills, 3 no true, 43 sealed and 3 hold.

During the session, 34-year-old Anthony Jason Summers was indicted for attempted second degree murder. Charges stem from the Lafayette Police Department’s investigation on Saturday, February 2, when a stabbing was reported at 201 Walton Avenue that night. Upon arriving at the home, Officer Matt Looper secured the area and began a line of questioning. Evidently, Summers and a female, Mary Louise Ward, had gotten into an argument and he pulled a knife and stabbed her twice in the back. The officer located the knife along with the bloody clothing worn by Ward. Summers, who was intoxicated, was found hiding under a blanket. Looper charged the suspect and transported him to jail. Ward was carried to Vanderbilt Hospital by ground ambulance after helicopters declined to fly due to the weather conditions.

Several drug indictments were also returned:

William C. Andrews, of Lafayette, was indicted on charges of promotion of methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia and quarantine of property when a meth lab was discovered by the LPD at his home on Chamberlain Avenue in the summer of 2012. He was found back inside of the home that night and was arrested by Sgt. Shane Reed.

43-year-old Fanessa Lynn Duke, of Lafayette, has been indicted after LPD Officer Matt Looper found several pills and methamphetamine in her purse following an investigative talk in the parking lot of Walgreens on Friday, January 18. In the trunk of her vehicle the officer also found a bottle that Duke had set up for a “shake n bake” meth lab. This resulted in her arrest for promotion of methamphetamine manufacture, possession of a Schedule II drug and possession of a Schedule IV drug.

Theresa Czapla, age 35, of Lafayette, was indicted for possession of drug paraphernalia, reckless endangerment, and intent to manufacture methamphetamine after Sheriff Mark Gammons and officers went to her Wilmore Hollow residence and found her along with two other male subjects outside. One of the men was carrying a bottle of product used to cook meth and they also found a bottle that he had dropped, which contained finished product. Czapla’s one-year-old child was located inside the home, and in an outbuilding they discovered components used in cooking meth.  

Chester Loudy was indicted for promotion of meth manufacture, intent to manufacture methamphetamine and aggravated child abuse/neglect of a child under 6 years of age, after the RBS Police discovered two active meth labs on his property. One was located inside a truck tire and the other inside the trunk of a car. There was also a female companion present, along with two small children. 

Douglas Jay Havens – Initiate manufacture of methamphetamine, simple possession, unlawful possession of paraphernalia.

Charlene Primeaux Ladd – Schedule V Drugs mfg/del/sell/poss., Schedule IV drugs mfg/del/sell/poss., aggravated criminal trespass, possession without prescripition.

Frances D. Lilly – Schedule VI Drugs, possession of paraphernalia.

Don Junior Marshall – Promoting Methamphetamine manufacture, and initiate manufacture of methamphetamine, possession of Schedule II Drugs.

Teresa D. Marshall – Initiate manufacture of methamphetamine, promoting methamphetamine manufacture, and simple possession.

Marty A. Oldham – Initiate manufacture of methamphetamine, promoting methamphetamine manufacture and simple possession.

Deborah Perdue – Schedule II drugs mfg/del/sell/poss.

Brent Lynn Sadger – Initiate manufacture of methamphetamine, and promoting methamphetamine manufacture.

Shelia Gail Smitty – Promoting methamphetamine manufacture, simple possession, contra in penal facility, possession of paraphernalia.

Patrick Wayne Stewart – Simple possession, possession of paraphernalia, promoting methamphetamine manufacture.

Cecil Clark Strong – Schedule II Drugs mfg/del/sell/poss.

Cynthia M. Ward – Promoting methamphetamine manufacture, possession of paraphernalia, simple possession.

Matthew A. White – Promoting methamphetamine manufacture, spotlighting deer, wildlife rules and regulations, and initiate manufacture of methamphetamine.

Sky Lynn White – Promoting methamphetamine manufacture, spotlighting deer, wildlife rules and regulations.

Daniel Jacob Wilson – Simple possession, probation violation, and driving while license suspended.

Other indictments:

Tamyra Albanese – Light Law, Registration Certificate must be carried, financial responsibility, driving while license revoked.

April Boles – DUI, first offense, financial responsibility, open container, light law.

James Ray Bristow – Theft of property and vandalism

Sheron Davis – Theft of property (2 counts).

Brad T. Dozier – Theft of property and criminal trespass.

Jackie L. Dozier – Theft of property and criminal trespass.

Holly Ann Dycus – DUI, first offense, resist stop, arrest, search.

Amanda Lynn Goad – Assault, threat of bodily injury, domestic assault, resist stop, arrest, search, disorderly conduct.

William C. Gregory – Driving while license revoked, financial responsibility law, registration certificate must be carried.

Timothy Jines – Driving while license suspended, leaving the scene of an accident, with property damage, exercise due care, financial responsibility.

Shirley Inez Johnson – False reports to officer.

Charlene Primeaux Ladd – Fraud use of credit/debit card, simple possession.

Rhonda Jean Lampley – Theft, forgery and evading arrest.

Dustin L. Likens – Criminal impersonation, evading arrest and hindering secured creditor.

Melissa Lynn McGlothlin – Criminal trespass, allowing unlicensed driver to drive, contributing to the delinquent of a child, fraud use of credit/debit card.

Terry Meadors – Driving while license revoked.

Lauren Warren Perez – Public intoxication, simple possession, DUI first offense, theft, forgery.

Anthony R. Raney – DUI fourth offense, habitual traffic offender, driving while licensed revoked.

Anthony Singleton – Theft of property.

Otis Singleton – Theft of property and vandalism.

Curtis Lee Strong – Theft of property.

Shelley Thompson – Theft of property.

Kimberly Lane White – Reckless driving, financial responsibility, evading arrest, speeding, registration must be carried.

Joseph A. Whittemore – Aggravated burglary and theft of property.