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Three Wrecks on Hwy 10 Hill

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On Thursday, August 8, the Tennessee Highway Patrol responded to the Highway 10 Hill where they observed a truck and a car that had slammed into each other head on.

Fifty-year-old Jimmy Tuck, of Lafayette, was operating a white Toyota Tacoma truck northbound when he tried to pass in the three lane section of State Route 10 coming up the hill. “When he attempting to pass another vehicle in the third lane he lost control, crossed the center line and hit a silver 2004 Chevy Impala head on. 43-year-old Patches Conley, of Lafayette, was the driver of the automobile,” said crash investigator THP Trooper Terry Seay.

Ms. Conley was pinned inside her car and rescue personnel took the necessary steps to remove her from the vehicle. The rainy weather conditions prevented air travel, so she was carried by the Macon County ambulance service to Vanderbilt Hospital, in Nashville, where she is still listed in critical condition.

Mr. Tuck was carried to Macon County General Hospital and was later transferred to Vanderbilt. He has been released. Tuck has been charged with due care, open container and seat belt law.

First responders: Macon County Sheriffs Office, Tennessee Highway Patrol, Macon County EMS, Macon County Rescue Squad, Lafayette Fire Department, and the Macon County Chronicle.

On Wednesday, August 7, Paula Webb, who was born in 1968, was driving a 2006 Toyota up the Highway 10 hill from her residence in Hartsville, when she also lost control on the rain slick roadway.

“She was coming up the hill, lost control, hit the rock embankment and rolled over,” said Deputy Kyle Petty of the Macon County Sheriffs Office. “She managed to crawl out by herself and declined an ambulance. However, she later requested to be checked out at the scene by the EMS.”

Officer Petty was the investigator.

Responders: Macon County Sheriffs Office, Macon County EMS, Macon County Rescue Squad, and the Macon County Chronicle.

Albert Diphillipo also didn’t have any luck trying to drive up the hill late Friday afternoon, August 9 in his 2006 Dodge Ram 2500.

“The Lafayette man was coming up the Highway 10 hill and there was a car traveling in front of him,” said investigating officer, Deputy Derek Carlisle, of the Macon County Sheriffs Office. “He down shifted to go around the vehicle in the passing lane, but it had rained so much he hydroplaned, the truck began spinning around on him and he ended up in the ditch facing south.”

Deputy Carlisle said the vehicle was resting in the ditch when he arrived. The Macon EMS treated Diphillipo at the scene.

Those responding included the Macon County Sheriffs Office, Macon County EMS, Lafayette Police Department and the Macon County Chronicle.

“It’s disturbing to hear of accidents still occurring on the Highway 10 South hill,” said County Mayor Shelvy Linville. “However, this problem will soon be solved. The project to rework that 1.7 mile stretch of highway from the top of the hill, south to Goose Creek has been fully funded by TDOT. Bids for construction are to be let in the spring of 2014 with work to begin shortly there after. I want to encourage the general public to be extremely cautious while navigating the hill until this project is completed.”