Macon County Chronicle

K-9 Leads Police to 3-Year-Old Missing Boy

An uneasy feeling was felt in the hearts of many people in Macon County when 911 dispatched a call that a three-year-old boy in Annie Hollow was missing. And if that was not bad enough, this little guy was autistic and could not speak.

The Macon County Sheriff’s Department and emergency personnel raced to the scene to help find the one called Noah.

Anxious voices filled the airways as the county departments relayed information about the little boy who was missing. 

The Macon County Sheriff’s Department K-9 team Handler Donnie Crawford and K-9 Rock relayed for everyone to wait for them to arrive on the scene before heading off into the woods. This was so the freshly disturbed ground would be made by Noah’s track.

The K-9 team arrived at the Annie Hollow residence and asked the family for something that Noah scent would be fresh on. They handed him a pillowcase and the team proceeded to introduce “Rock” to his scent.

The K-9 team and Officer Hackett headed off into the woods and found a track that Noah had been there.

This was like a bad dream as emergency workers searched with no avail.

The K-9 team showed emergency personnel the direction that Noah had went.

A footprint was found in the mud of the creek Noah crossed.

Around 2:22 p.m. the message was relayed across the scanner that the boy had been found, send EMS.

As EMS came across the airways, they needed to know if the boy was o.k.

“Yes, I have him in my arms,” a tired breathless voice said.

“Noah’s daddy went on the search and he heard his child’s sounds coming from the top of a hill,” Hackett said with relief.

“Noah was outside playing on his swing set and he just wandered off down into the woods, him and his little beagle puppy,” Macon County Sheriff’s Department Officer Timothy Hackett was able to say with a humble smile.

Noah Pauley was on a big adventure as he traveled down the bottom of the holler, across the creek, and up the other side, which was around a mile.

“They found him sitting on top of the hill and his puppy was still right with him,” Officer Hackett said.

A special thanks to the MCSD, THP, West Macon Rescue, EMS, and Tommy Wentworth for turning this situation to one that ended with a happy outcome.