Macon County Chronicle

Macon County Senior Center Finds A New Home

Six anxious members of the Macon County Senior Center Board of Directors signed papers on Wednesday, July 2, to purchase a 7,000 square-foot building that will soon be the new home of the Macon County Senior Center (MCSC).

Previously occupied by Sears, the building was sold for $285,000 by owners Dan and Sheila Sarmiento and offers over 6,000 more square feet of space than the center’s previous home located at 607 Hwy 52 East.

A $158,000 grant that was given to the MCSC by Nestle Waters in April of 2007, was used to help purchase the new building and, from here, the board will begin assessing whether any renovations will need to be made before selecting a move-in date.

The long and tedious process to find the funds for a new Macon County Senior Center began in 1995, but it wasn’t until receiving Nestle’s donation in 2007 that the board of directors was able to move onto the project’s next phase – seeking out a facility.

Searching for the perfect home for over a year, it goes without saying that finding their dream building was an exciting time for all involved.

“I’m just too excited to describe it,” said Vice Chair of the Board Anna Dean Carter, who has been involved with the project since 1995. “It’s truly unreal and we’re very excited to get in the new building.”

Ideas to improve the inside of the newly acquired Sears building that will better accommodate Macon County senior citizens are already buzzing and include an indoor walking track, located around the perimeter of the building.

“There are over 4,000 senior citizens in Macon County, which has a population of around 22,000,” said Macon County Senior Center Director Jamie Dallas. “We can do a lot of things in a center this size, and we hope that the size will also encourage more seniors to come out and join us.”

Dallas also stated that once any renovation plans are in order, the center will be advertising for bids.

With the additional space the new Macon County Senior Center promises to provide, board members are hoping that their members will increase.

“There’s so much space and there’s a lot that can be done at the new center,” said Chairman of the Macon County Senior Center Dennis Wolford. “We want to recruit seniors in the community to come and take part in all of the exciting things we’ll be able to offer. Not only will the new senior center be a good thing for Macon County seniors but it’s something we can all be proud of.”