On Friday night, June 27, THP Sgt. Ed Crouch headed to Highway 52 west after a 911 report came across the scanner of a  two-vehicle injury wreck at the Oak Dale intersection involving several people, including four juveniles and a baby.

According to Sgt. Crouch, 45-year-old Tina Sullivan Driver  was traveling west on Highway 52 in a 2013 silver Hyundai Elantra along with passenger 47-year-old Carlin Stone, both of Lafayette. “They were heading to work in Portland,” said Sgt. Crouch.

A red 1989 Chevrolet pickup was heading east on Highway 52 and attempted to turn onto Oak Dale Road in front of the automobile, where they collided. “There were four juveniles, including a baby in the truck,” said Crouch. 

“The driver was a juvenile, along with a female passenger, a male passenger, a baby and a male juvenile in the bed of the truck,” said the Sgt. “They were all restrained except for the teenager in the back.”

Three juveniles were transported to Skyline Hospital and the baby and other young person weren’t. Carlin Stone, who was a passenger in the Hyundai was carried to Vanderbilt Hospital.

That section of Highway 52 West was closed for a couple of hours and the traffic was re-routed.

Traffic citiations are pending.