Red Boiling Springs Mayor Willie Brown

Macon County Mayor Willie Brown submitted his letter of resignation on Monday, November 3, at 4:27 p.m.

The letter of resignation sites health issues that Brown has suffered over the last few months.

The full letter reads:

To: Red Boiling Springs Council

As you are aware, I’ve had many health problems the last couple of months. I feel I cannot adequately serve the citizens of Red Boiling Springs. Because of this, I’ve decided to resign my position as mayor.

I have enjoyed serving on the council and as mayor. I wish the best for each of you.

My resignation will be effective today, November 3, 2014.


Willie Brown

Brown, who was vice-mayor under former mayor Bobby Ethridge, took over as mayor after Ethridge’s resignation.

Red Boiling Springs City Council members will meet in regular session this Thursday, November 13, to accept Brown’s letter of resignation and decide who will fill the position of City Mayor. Currently, city council member Tom Fultz serves as the city’s vice mayor.