Billy McDonald

Billy McDonald, of Red Boiling Springs, has been arrested for two counts of attempted aggravated robbery in Smith County and remains in the Smith County Jail under a $100,000 bond.

According to the narrative by Deputy Rick Mahler, on January 2, him and Sgt. Mark West were dispatched to 283 Dean Hill Road to take a report on an assault. Upon their arrival and speaking to the victims Irina Austin and Nelly Strelnikova they were advised that they had been assaulted by Billy McDonald, of Red Boiling Springs. Irina stated to the officers that she heard a knock at the door and went to see who it was knocking and after looking out she noticed it was McDonald who she is familiar with. Irina stated that Billy told her there was an accident at Bruce’s work and she let him into the house.

Irina stated to the officers that when Billy came into the house he did brandish a handgun and a struggle began. She said that while being assaulted her daughter Nelly Strelnikova came out from her bedroom and started to help her mother. Irina stated that she tried to push Billy out of the house but was unable to. She said that Billy told Nelly to leave or he was going to kill her mother in front of her. Irina then told Nelly to go to the safe and get a gun, when she then headed to the back bedroom. Billy followed her.

She said that Nelly was able to get a gun from the safe and pointed it at Billy but was unable to shoot due to the gun having a double safety. While in the bedroom Billy took Nelly down to the bed and Irina said she jumped on Billy’s back to try and get him off of Nelly. Nelly was then able to break free, go to her car and retrieve her personal handgun. She went back into the residence and pointed the gun at Billy, who was still fighting her mother in the living room. And according to the report she told him she would shoot him if he didn’t stop. Irina stated that he then stopped the assault and she asked him what he wanted and he advised her money. Irina said that she told McDonald to get out of her house.

While the officers were on the scene they did retrieve a air soft pellet gun, a butterfly type knife and a watch. The officer said that they ask the victims to come to the Smith County Sheriffs Office to write their statements. But due to Irina injuries she went to Riverview North ER and was admitted to the hospital and was not able to write a statement at that time. She suffered injuries to her left eye and forehead.

Both victims stated that the incident put them in fear for their safety and thought that the handgun when shown was real.

Billy McDonald, age 44, was caught in Roane County and when his name was entered into the system, officers from that county found out he was wanted in Smith County. The Smith County Sheriffs Office was notified and a deputy went to pick him and bring him back to Smith County Jail, where he remains.

 McDondald is charged with two counts of attempted aggravated robbery. Bond is set at $100,000. A General Sessions Court date is set for Thursday, January 15, in Carthage.