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LPD Investigates Fred's Break-In

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The Lafayette Police Department is asking anybody that was in the vicinity of Fred’s Discount Store around 6 a.m. or 6:30 a.m. on Saturday morning, January 24, to please notify the department if you saw any suspicious activity. The store was broken into and they are asking for your help.

“On Saturday morning an alarm went off and the Lafayette Police Department immediately responded,” said Lt. Jason Roberts. “It seemed secure at the time and officers had to wait on a manager to get there.”

Roberts said when they went in someone had cut two holes in the loading dock area to gain entry to the pharmacy section.

According to Roberts, in the surveillance video there appears to be only one person that made entry, however he was communicating with someone else. “His face was covered and he appeared to have on gloves,” Roberts stated. “We believe there were at least two individuals involved and they could have been on foot.”

 This is an ongoing investigation and they are trying to figure out what was taken. If you have information call 615-666-4725.